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Children will take care of you when you're old #72340 (keeping a corpse at home)

Posted by yurble 
The 71-year-old woman suffered a fall in 2016. Her daughter, 47, as accused of having failed to provide adequate help at the time. The older woman died a few days after the fall, which was not life-threatening: "The skeletal remains were found on a bedroom floor."

Not only did the woman fail to provide care for her mother, she was also a great moo to her own daughter:


The mother and daughter slept in the other bedroom.

The granddaughter was under the age of 15 at the time she was living with her grandmother's corpse. As a result, her mother has been charged with "injury to a child" under the age of 15.

Ugh, how sad. I have a soft spot for the elderly, and these sorts of stories make me feel awful. I hope that moo is charged to the fullest extent.
I'm guessing this was one of those cases where the elderly person's adult child wanted to keep on getting their Social Security checks, so they just didn't bother telling anyone the woman died so the money would keep on rolling in.

Sounds like the woman fell and her wonderful, loving daughter left her where she laid to slowly die over the course of several days. I can also only imagine how traumatic it was for the kid to see and smell her dead grandmother's rotting remains every day. Not to mention how traumatic I'm sure it was for the old woman, most likely laying on the floor begging for help and being ignored.

So why didn't anybody ask about where this woman was if they all figured she was still alive, but nowhere to be found? If she was so active in the community, wouldn't someone have noticed she was MIA and checked on her?
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