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" When men and women are fruitful and multiply, they tend to make the world better, not worse."

Posted by yurble 
More idiocy from the media - Jeff Jacoby for the Boston Globe wrote about how great breeding is in an article entitled Our world has serious problems. Having more babies is one way to help solve them. What planet does the guy live on?


I acknowledge the anxiety and alarm that many people feel about the environment. But if they want to make the world better, the way to do so is not by depriving it of more children.

The world, with its billions of people, is not being deprived of children.
Just now I turned on the computer, checked the news, and discovered there is not one but TWO new mass shootings in the headlines. This is the new normal and it's only going to get worse. How the fuck will having more babies make it better? Not to mention Greenland melted enough to raise global sea levels just this past week. Breeding is for idiots.
There are far too many in this world, this country, and ESPECIALLY my state, Florida.

The move overpopulated the human race becomes, the more competition for scarce resources and jobs, the more starvation, the more hopelessness, the quality of life goes into the shitter.

People need to get some new hobbies besides breeding. And FFS stop celebrating these births.
The argument is usually as follows: the higher the population, the greater the chance that people of outstanding genius who can change the world will be born.

Yet for some reason, all the examples of outstanding genius they point to: Einstein, da Vinci, Beethoven, and so on were born into a far less populated world. We should be swarming in geniuses by that logic, yet for some reason they never cite any modern ones.

I think there's an equal chance that genius would be smothered in the world of today. They might have their spirits crushed by crowded classrooms and test-driven education - lots of smart people in history had difficult childhoods and needed understanding to eventually flower. Or maybe they're out there, but born into areas of conflict or where people struggle for the necessities of life. People who are worrying about where their next meal is coming from have little energy to devote to solving the world's problems. Perhaps they're out there trying to get people to pay attention to their ideas, but people are instead clamoring to cheer the latest vapid celebrity. In fact, I think there are several smart people trying to warn of impending climate disaster and breeders are paying them little heed...

Or maybe, just maybe, instead of working on the world's problems, they're busy raising passing the buck to the next generation, having followed this nitwit's advice.

Plus, isn't rather shitty to have kids with the idea of what they can do for the world, instead of what suffering they will experience in their lifetimes due to the fact that we've ruined the planet?
Jacoby is the definition of idiocy.
The only way this would work would be to practice eugenics and we all know how far that idea would go.


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Plus, isn't rather shitty to have kids with the idea of what they can do for the world, instead of what suffering they will experience in their lifetimes due to the fact that we've ruined the planet?

Yes, being born into obligation of any kind is slavery, whether it is being saddled with saving the planet, taking care of a loved one as a life goal, or obligation of pretending to be a mini me with no tolerance granted for individuality. Lots of people are born into obligation.

Not far behind is being born to start working at the age of 3-4 because the famblee is too damn poor to feed the kid once it can walk.
Mass delusion is a helluva drug. {Insert coke snorting emoji}
Statistics state that autistic people usually die by the age of 54. That means, statistically speaking, I have three years left before I kick that bucket. Hopefully I will be dead before I am 60, hopefully because I cannot work due to a brain defect (autism) and two major mental illnesses. With the GOP in power and likely to stay in power, I may have to look at suicide, as I need that safety net to survive, and it will not be there by 2030.


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