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This is all kinds of pathetic, on so many levels--Facial Recognition at Sleep Away Camp....For Da Parunts...

Posted by cfuter 
As summer camps turn on facial recognition, parents demand: More smiles, please


In short, more way to heliocopter parunt and not let kids be kids. Question is ... why are parents so lonely w/o their bratz...and if so....why send them away for 7 weeks? Also....between your home security system sending a notification every time something moves on cam outside your home, and your wife texting you every thought that comes in her head, and now your phone can vibrate 10x a day to see what Bratley is doing at camp! I think parents back in the day used to send the brats to sleep away camp, so they could enjoy THEIR summer and have more uninterupted sex. Now they worry if Bratlina is smiling. The comments are good too after the article.
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