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When child care costs more than a mortgage

Posted by freya 
When child care costs more than a mortgage
September 02, 2019
But no worries because famblees plan these things out before breeding. They either save the money or accept the fact that brat care is expensive and that is the reality until Bratley is at least five years old. They may even move to an area where a relative can help watch the brats or a spouse may quit work for a few years to prevent the costs. A move may be especially sensible if brat care costs more than their mortgage and they live in a HCOL area.

As adults, they can be responsible for their actions and understand the consequences prior to experiencing them. They don't complain because it was fundamentally their choice to breed and they could have used birth control as an alternative. And unless they have unlimited funds at their disposal they do their research and make sure everything fits in their budget so there are no unavoidable surprises.

And they also consider their options in case they were to become single parunts, because divorce rate is at around 50%. Right?

Wrong! They whine and complain as if they had no way of knowing the costs until the baybee is born and were forbidden to do any kind of research prior to sluicing. They act this way even if it isn't their first brat:

Cue the playing a violin playing a violin playing a violin playing a violin

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