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Awtard seatbelt labels

Posted by Cambion 
Awtard seatbelt labels
September 07, 2019
Someone who is advertising with my employer makes something akin to these - I don't want to share the exact picture to prevent identification of where exactly I live and/or where the customer lives.

"These" are special seatbelt labels for awtards that say the child in question will probably resist help, wander around and generally do everything they can to make rescue attempts as hard as possible. These things are lumped in with medical alert seatbelt covers like ones for epilepsy and blindness, but to be fair, I seriously doubt a first responder will need a special seatbelt doohickey to let them know that the asshole sperging out in the backseat of an SUV engulfed in flames is a tard.

Because I'm sure that's what paramedics, firefighters and officers sign up for - dying trying to save miniature morons who will refuse to move and become violent as the car burns down around them because they can't put on their favorite orange shirt and count all the crumbs on the floor before getting out.

I get the point of these and I guess they could be helpful, but honestly, the people who would buy them are probably using them as a way to segue the conversation toward their flaptards and not out of any concern for the kid's safety.
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