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More Breederific Bollocks about how childhood cancer research is 'underfunded'

Posted by lurker-derp 
...And my first thought was, "Are you fucking serious?"

So, among my usual weekly website reading is PostSecret. Y'all have probably heard of this or seen it because I'm certain I've bitched about it here before. Anyway, I have a look on Sundays because that's when the new secrets get uploaded, and in the Classic Secret section I was greeted by THIS

Just in case the link doesn't work, this is what it says: I am resentful towards Breast Cancer Awareness. More children are diagnosed with cancer and die because of it. It is underfunded and deserves more funding and awareness

You have GOT to be fucking kidding me! Underfunded?? When was the last time anything to do with kids has ever been underfunded?? I apologise if I'm showing my ignorance here, but this shit pisses me off! My best friend died of osteosarcoma at 27 after fighting it for seven fucking years, but she wasn't a kid so no one gave a shit.

By the time she got a diagnosis it was too late, the cancer had gone metastatic and basically travelled around her body, leading to numerous operations to remove tumours, endless rounds of chemo and radiotherapy, and absolutely no help from any charity or foundation when she was diagnosed terminal and wanted to go on one final holiday - because she was an adult.

Cancer kills people of ALL ages, not just kids FFS. Maybe I'm a moron and childhood cancer research IS underfunded, but to actively RESENT one measly month being dedicated to awareness to a specific type of cancer (that happens to NOT be kid-related) is a shitty fucking attitude to have. An attitude, by the way, you just know she'll drop like a hot turd if she ever gets diagnosed with it.
What do you want to bet she has a kid with cancer? And that prior to that she never gave a second thought to any kid getting cancer? Like you said lurker-derp maybe she'll think twice if she ends up having breast cancer.

And I also highly doubt there is any childhood cancer that is underfunded. Cancer sucks for everyone moo.
Underfunded?!! Are you kidding me? Has that person's head been up her ass for the last 50 years, or has she not heard of...

St. Jude Children's Hospital
Cardinal Glennen Children's Hospital
Shriner's Hospital FOR CHILDREN

Bitch!! I see more CHILDREN'S Hospitals and gofundmes, asking for donations at the grocery store than I do for adults. Even without any google searches.

Kindly ask a proctologist to remove your head. Then screw it back on your neck before you start farting more crap out your pie hole.
Is she outta her mind???

When my mom died of BC about 20 yrs ago, 1 in 4 women were diagnosed. And, I think I read recently it's 1 in 8. W/o even looking up the stats for childhood cancer....I KNOW it's not 1 in 8, or 1 in 4, kids getting cancer. Da faq...
Not only do childhood cancers get plenty of funding, but the hospitals demonkitten pointed out do free treatments. Their whole schtick is that the family won’t have to pay out the ass for cancer treatments. No such thing exists for adults. You get cancer, have fun going bankrupt. And that’s if you survive. There are some cancers that you won’t find out that you have it until it’s too late to do anything about it because there isn’t a way to screen for it, like pancreatic cancer. And like lurker-derp said, there are no charities that will grant the wishes of terminally ill adults. Celebrities aren’t taking the time out to visit and bestow gifts upon sick adults.

There are legitimate reasons to not like the pinkwashing breast cancer awareness has proliferated, but don’t get mad about their shine because it’s not focused on what you deem important. How about getting mad at the fertility industry? How much grant money and research was wasted on solving something that wasn’t a real problem in the first place?

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