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Stupid breeders using teen daughters as babysitters

Posted by cfdavep 
Stupid breeders using teen daughters as babysitters
October 22, 2019

They wouldn't do this to the elder son. Teen doesn't even realize she is being exploited
Re: Stupid breeders using teen daughters as babysitters
October 22, 2019
Hopefully she will soon realize this isn't a look for her outside of Halloween.
Re: Stupid breeders using teen daughters as babysitters
October 23, 2019
Have I mentioned my childhood BF on the boards here before?

She had an older brother and a younger sister. Younger sister was profoundly disabled, mentally and physically. My friend was the younger sister's primary babysitter from my earliest recollections of our friendship. As my mother said, she was babysitting at an age when she should have had a babysitter, herself. I don't recall the older brother (older as in a couple of years, still a teen living at home) ever babysitting. I'm not saying it didn't happen, but I remember even as a kid wondering why he couldn't watch their sister once in a while.

My friend never really complained, but I sure would have.
Re: Stupid breeders using teen daughters as babysitters
October 23, 2019
I started babysitting for money at age 12. I did it for a couple of years, and I was pretty busy with it. Unfortunately, a lot of moos tried to stiff me on payment. They'd spend all their money in bars or wherever, and have nothing for me.

I would eventually get paid after repeatedly pounding on their doors demanding my money. I only charged $2 per hour, and these asshats didn't even want to pay THAT.

The saddest part about it was when I saw the conditions some of these kids lived in. The apartments were extremely filthy, no food or fresh diapers for the kids. One little kid was so dirty I wanted to give him a bath, but the tub was encrusted with black filth. I actually had to call my mom over a few times, asking her to bring me some milk and crackers to feed hungry kids.

I also remember when one moo hired me for babysitting (I was a regular sitter for her, at age 13), and she'd left me with her violently ill twin daughters who spent the entire night vomiting and suffering with high fevers. I also had to call my mother over to help me look after them.

I never really did like kids, but being a babysitter at such a young age certainly cemented the fact that I wouldn't have any of my own. I saw most of this as misery. The moos would be all tarted up, going out to find new dicks, and leave their hungry, sick kids with me.
Re: Stupid breeders using teen daughters as babysitters
October 26, 2019
My sister used me as a built-in baby sitter as I was in my twenties able to make sure a crotch fruit didn't off itself. I was expected to ENJOY being left for days with the crotch fruit while Sister partied. Sister developed a severe drug addiction and alcoholism, probably related to being chronically sick her entire childhood.

She did however manage to die clean and sober.


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Re: Stupid breeders using teen daughters as babysitters
October 27, 2019
I was forced into babysitting when I was fresh out of high school because my aunt didn't want anyone to know she had a kid and seemed to think that I had no friends or job, so I was the ideal candidate to babysit her kid for free everyday instead of enjoying my summer so she could go out and pretend to be a childless single woman. The kid wasn't badly behaved or anything, I just hated being around kids and this forced unpaid brat-sitting made me hate it even more.

I wonder how much more careful breeders would be with birth control if they couldn't make their older kids mind their younger kids for them. In families like this where there are several children, there's no way the parents have enough time and love to go around, so you know the oldest kids are raising the middle ones while Moo and Duh play house with the cute new baby.

As far as the story, this girl looks too put together to be a tired Moo. Her hair's not greasy enough, her shirt is blissfully free of puke stains, and I think the messy updo is too much work for the average bizzy Moo - the hairstyle of choice is generally a ponytail. Plus she looks like her eyes aren't totally devoid of a will to live yet.

I'm sure the Moos are divided into two camps: the ones who think it's funny and adorable, and the ones who are fuming because she's pretending to be tired when Moos are CLEARLY the only people in the whole world who are entitled to be tired.
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