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Extroverts like noises, while introverts can't focus

Posted by yurble 
Extroverts like noises, while introverts can't focus
December 01, 2019
I have noticed how often breeders dismiss the noise made by their brats, while it seems to drive many of us to distraction. It's also been noted that a good many of us - although not all - are introverted, and that this has been one of the motivations for not having children. There's a new study that shows that introverts find noises more distracting and irritating than extroverts do.


Next the students were subjected to a battery of cognitive challenges – and to add extra difficulty, they were asked to complete them while listening to British garage music, or the clamour of a classroom. A control group completed them in silence.

As the researchers suspected, all the students performed better in silence. But they also found that, in general – with the exception of one test – the more extroverted they were, the less they were affected by noise.

As we know, the world is set to revolve around extroverts. This explains a lot of why so much of what breeders do is tolerated, and we're condemned for objecting. Yet this reveals that it isn't just being grumpy, but actively suffering a loss of concentration when subjected to noises.
Re: Extroverts like noises, while introverts can't focus
December 01, 2019
I am an extrovert, but I am also autistic with sensory issues, hence I live the life of a child free introvert with my PC and only the noises I choose to have.


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