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Prince Harry is full of shit - 2 children is hardly environmentally friendly when you're a jet-setter

Posted by yurble 
Remind me again why we should listen to idiots who have bred blathering on about population? People who think they're not part of the problem, and are somehow an exception to the rule are such assholes. The writer of this story trashes Prince Harry for his plans to be done at two:


So, of all the lifestyle choices you could make, having one less child is by far the best option. Research from Lund University in Sweden found that by choosing to have one less child, a parent would reduce their CO2 emissions by 58.6 tonnes a year during their lifetime; over 25 times more than from any other action. Getting rid of the car, avoiding long-haul flights and going vegetarian are all well and good, but these actions, say the researchers, save very small amounts of CO2 in comparison with having one less child.

And, Harry, you are no ordinary parent. In ecological terms you and your family are a herd of elephants trashing the forest. Over a lifetime, the average British-born babe will emit up to 150 times more CO2 than one born in Ethiopia. You are only 34, and you have probably already emitted more CO2 and other greenhouse gases than most of the 18 million people living in Malawi will do in their lifetimes.
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