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Sterilization in Germany - another doctor full of shit

Sterilization in Germany - another doctor full of shit
December 02, 2019
You guys and gals, I sure need to vent. And maybe some advice from people who are familiar with this German clusterfuck of a pronatalist shit hole. I've asked about help with getting sterilized in Germany before here, but had no success so far.
Basically, after getting rejected multiple times by docs in bigger towns, where i hoped they'd be less stuck up and pro-na(zi)talist, I tried contacting one where I live. He had good reviews, so I thought maybe it wont be that bad. I prepared well, researched a lot of papers about regret and all the other shit he might be throwing at me, and even prepared a 16-page "manifesto" myself, references and all, declaring my reasons and how sure I was. (I have attached it, if you feel like reading it - it is in german, but all of the references are english papers that are quite interesting, speaking of regret rates as low as 1.3-3%, doi-numbers are all there so you can look it up on science direct and places like these)

Well, hopeful beginning, but failed once more.
I was very sure before, that germany didnt have a precise law on sterilization, other than that the patient must be over 18 years old, and must be informed well about the operation - even read it on ProFamilia, which is the german equivalen to Planned parenthood.
But now get a load of what this fat fuck of a "doctor" said: "There is this law against doing something that is against "good morals" ("Gute Sitten"), and that means literally, that you MUST be over 30 and have minimum 2 keeeeddzzzz, else everyone can sue me".
Holy shit. I never heard of it, of course, and was totally taken aback. Now I googled it, and sure enough, found nothing of the sort.
This good morals-"Gute Sitten" thing, the only thing I found was something about not "hurting" anyone even if the person consented, such as gang violence or assisted suicide(!?)
I'm what-the-fucking so hard right now... It'd be great if anyone of you knew what is going on here. Was this asshole just messing with me??

Furthermore this quack, laughted about my fear of hormones (my family members often had cancer! and I clearly told him I was looking for a PERMANENT method to get fucking rid of my bloody fertility), then offered me IUDs (both copper and hormones), but I refused, talking about the failure through displacement, and in case of the hormonal one, the missing periods that will make me even more of a paranoid mess that I am now. Any words on that dilemma too, guys? Then he said I should go to Czech Republic or Netherlands, but thats really hard to do, with job and stress and not knowing the language, and all and the time being really constrained on me.

Thanks in advance, yours kindly, the really-messed-up-cat.

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Re: Sterilization in Germany - another doctor full of shit
December 03, 2019
You might check out /r/childfree on Reddit, as they maintain a list of doctors who have been amenable to sterilization in one of the sidebar links. I expect it is US-centric but maybe there is someone in Germany listed. I don't personally know about the laws in Germany but I really doubt there is a formal law forbidding it, unless it's some kind of leftover from the 1940s.

The Netherlands may be annoying for several reasons, but language won't be one of them. Anyone you would find working in the medical field will speak fluent English and some German. Everyone under 70 can speak English. The annoyance would come from consulting with a GP, consulting with a couple of doctors, the appointment itself. All that adds up to a lot of money for travel and wasted vacation days, which is the real annoyance.

I was sterilized in the Netherlands in my 30s and still had to deal with some bullshit. One doctor pushed a hormonal IUD because "I'd need it to regulate menopause soon anyway" (which was at least 15 years away at that point) while the one who actually did the sterilization said "You're rather young for this" (to which I asked if I was supposed to wait until menopause). In the end I had to accept the method that I could get rather than the method I wanted, just to have it done. So my experience could have been a lot better but at least it is done.

I've heard some good things about Marie Stopes clinics in the UK (kind of like Planned Parenthood in the US), but I don't know about it personally. As long as Brexit continues to be delayed, that might be an option. Of course the medical tourism in eastern Europe is well-established but I think it is primarily for cosmetic procedures and other vanity projects like IVF.
Re: Sterilization in Germany - another doctor full of shit
December 03, 2019
I had it done in Canada in the early 90's at age 22 and it was like asking to get my ears pierced. I did have to get rid of a Catholic doc and see a guy who did not make decisions based on religion to get a referral, but that was easy to find in Nova Scotia, at least back then. I have NO IDEA what has happened since then all over the world since then and maybe it is the case in Canada now. It must be the lawyers that have ruined it and lawsuits have hit since the 90's.

It is all I am hearing now about trouble getting tubals. My DH got a vasectomy at 26 and it was super easy in New York.
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