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Engaging breeders at work and then going to HR

Posted by cfdavep 
Engaging breeders at work and then going to HR
December 10, 2019

A cf woman on reddit overheard an a-hole teasing a 29 year old woman for not being married or having had a kid by saying that women who failed at either by 30 are too nutty for men to want them, ie can't handle independant women.

The cf woman told him she was cf and he referred to her as a psycho or "secretly a dude" She was fuming, but I don't think that it is smart at work to challenge these dumb, sexist breeders as workplace violence is a thing and he may be out to get her quietly from now on though her job.

The duh has an ex with a sprog who moved to Hawaii and people told the poster that the moo may have had to move that far away to get away from him since she had the chance, as he could've been violently stalking her for dumping him, for all anyone knows. Younger cf reddits also seem to think that HR, who they are always threatening to run to will get after these asses for creating a hostile work environment, but HR is there for the company. It is best to leave these a-holes alone. or find another job
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