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Mother of 5 denied morning after pill

Posted by cfdavep 
Mother of 5 denied morning after pill
December 12, 2019

She is suing. A tubal is truly the private way to avoid these people
Re: Mother of 5 denied morning after pill
December 12, 2019
This bullshit shouldn't be allowed in any line of work. If your personal beliefs will interfere with your ability to do your job - especially if your refusal to do your job will harm someone else - then find a new line of work. As a pharmacist, you HAVE to expect women to come in for reproductive treatments like the pill or Plan B. This would be like a vegan working in a meat processing plant and refusing to do the things that offended them, or a Jewish paramedic refusing to save a Neo-Nazi victim pulled out of a car wreck. That shit would get you fired anywhere else.

Is it illegal to ask if someone's personal or religious beliefs will impact their ability to do their job? And if it's that big of a problem, why can't they have another employee fill the prescription for them?


After complaining to the pharmacy's owner, Anderson claimed she was told that this was not the first time the pharmacist, who also serves as a local pastor, refused a prescription.

Not surprised. I wonder if the pharmacist also harasses young girls who buy pregnancy tests or people who buy condoms.


The pharmacist at the CVS also tried to stop Anderson from obtaining it at a nearby Walgreens by allegedly telling her that they didn't have it in stock, the lawsuit claims.

Yet when Anderson called Walgreens "to double check," she was told that the pharmacy did indeed have Ella and could fill her prescription.

Wow, real nice. So not only did this wanker refuse to do his job, but he lied to try and prevent this woman from getting her prescription elsewhere too. I wonder if Sky Daddy considers lying to be a sin if it's done to save a potential fetus.

I hope this piece of shit gets fired, fined, and blacklisted from working at another pharmacy. They do not need to be put in a position where they can fuck with people's well being in order to push their bullshit agendas on total strangers.
Re: Mother of 5 denied morning after pill
December 13, 2019
This should be massively illegal. If I'm not allowed to let my ethical views - that breeding is immoral - influence my work, why does someone else get a pass just because they happen to believe in the same invisible friend as a bunch of other assholes? I don't mind if people have private religious beliefs, but religious belief should have no special status in society.
Re: Mother of 5 denied morning after pill
January 01, 2020
The GOP is seeking to establish a Thological dictatorship here in the USA, where no pregancy can be ended regardless of life of mother, and there is no social mobility.


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