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Scandinavian gift shop desperately needs a no brats sign

Posted by freya 
Scandinavian gift shop desperately needs a no brats sign
December 15, 2019
Yesterday I visited a Scandinavian gift shop. The owners have a little shop out of their house and also go to many fairs along the coast. The business is primary the wife's but the husband helps out. The store has glass shelves and is around 90% breakable items. I'd guess the owners to both be in their mid 70's - definitely not at an age to be chasing brats. Not that I'd expect a shop owner at any age to have to chase brats unless it is their brats. I'm looking around and a woman with a toadler in tow arrives. I'm immediately wondering how bad it is going to get because he starts whining the moment he is told "no" and grandmo is trying to convince him everything is okay in that distracted shopping voice while she keep shopping. So, pretty soon the shop owner's husband is catering to the brat to keep the store intact. Dumbass grandmo mentions she could come back another time (really? dragging a toadler into a shop full of breakables is a bad idea?) but continues to shop and expects the owner to watch her brat. He is alternating between whining, screaming and wrecking things to cause loud crash noises.

The husband of the shop owner mentions that it might be best if he steps out of the shop with the brat. No sir, the brat is not your responsibility but the shop is. Tell the bitch to come back without the brat.

As soon as I ask a question to the shop owner, grandmoo is all over my shit. I've been ignoring her and her brat and shopping. She now has questions for the shop owner, and there is no way in hell she is going to be okay with the shop owner helping anyone but her. So, I'm now discarded while he waits on the royal bitch and her pain in the ass kid. Then, she starts asking me about the items I'm purchasing and grabs a pamphlet on a Dala horse when she sees I have one. I was buying the pamphlet to go with the gift but she didn't notice that the pamphlets cost money. She also questioned me on a mortar and pestle I'd found (one of a kind) as she didn't know what it was. I wanted to tell her honey, if you're a grandmoo and don't know what a mortar and pestle is then you definitely don't need it.

I put my items down in the front of the store to grab cash out of my car. By the time I come back grandmo is babbling to the shop owner, who had to interrupt his wife so that she can put the woman's items on hold while he entertains the brat outside. And she is going on and on about how she lives a few blocks away and will come back the next day to purchase her items because she doesn't have cash. Oh, and how she buys stuff from them every year but still didn't know they only take cash/check. I'm thinking, this isn't a multi-million dollar grocery store or department store that can absorb a lost sale. If you want the items go home now and come back without the toadler and either bring cash or a check.

Finally, the tsunami leaves and they ring up my sale.

At this point the shop owner tells me she lost out on money the previous day by putting items on hold because the person didn't come back. I can tell she wouldn't have put the items on hold for the grand moo if she had been in the shop at the time. And she certainly wouldn't have entertained the brat either as she was dressed up. She was also summoned into helping out when she was preparing for attending a church service because the husband couldn't be a babysitter and operate the shop.

At this point a couple show up to shop. The husband is using a walker and I'm thrilled the brat is gone so there isn't a huge accident.
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