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I just realized how much my sister changed once she started breeding

Posted by toraneko 
I was reading the thread in the rest room about breeders and mortgages just now and had the realization that must be what happened to my sister.

Her brats are something like 13 and 10 or 11 (I don't even know), typical modern undisciplined brats. Before they started coming, she was a total cheapskate and would nickel and dime restaurants if the server looked at her funny. Now she spends money like water.

She used to be anti-iphone and anti-minivan, now she has both. Her old house wasn't good enough so she remodelled it, but it didn't have an in-ground pool, so she WAY overpaid for one that does. She's since built a detatched garage in the yard. She just bought a new Macbook after laughing at me for buying one new IN 2011! I've been using it for 9 years. All she lacks is a 70k SUV.

Her husband has always liked to spend, so I wonder if it was his influence or breeder brain that changed her. Has this happened to anyone you know?

ETA she's always taking trips to FL and is there right now. It's pissing me the fuck off because I don't want a case of plague.
No one in my family was known for being great with money, leaving my mother to ask me one day where I got my $$ sense. I was quietly watching everyone going splat in the muck and learning from their mistakes.

It isn't that I don't know how to spend money or that I'm a cheapskate. I just know where to pinch and where to splurge. For example, I hate Apple and will not purchase an Apple product. I have my PC's built from parts of old PC's and new upgrades, then selling that which was replaced on FleaBay. The only time I went for 'new' was when the old PC was literally smoking. Even then I purchased parts from Amazon and had a friend build the PC for $100 labor. As I'm a Linux buff, my PC cost me less than $800. I did, however, spend $700 on my Galaxy S8 phone. While not a flagship phone, it is the closest I feel comfortable carrying. My spare smartphone (I have it in case something goes wonky with the new phone) only has a hard drive of 9 gigs that just wouldn't do. I made certain to have insurance on that new sucker.

My older sister had a propensity for buying plastic kindercrap by the truckload for her three brats. Most of it was a dust collector. They also had a propensity for moving every three years. As we all know moving is an expensive proposition.


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