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Regret Corker from r/childfree

Posted by twocents 
Regret Corker from r/childfree
July 01, 2020
This has to be one of the most horrendous tales I've read in a long time.
To boot, I made a few comments only to find out the posters sister had committed suicide because of these demonic parunts...oh, and they apparently also encourged this pedo..

I was denied an abortion and denied adoption and I would honestly rather be dead at this point

I got pregnant when I was 14 by a 27 y/o man (gross, I know) who pulled off the condom when I wasn't looking, and then my psycho Christian parents denied me access to abortion, forced me to birth a child I didn't want which honestly felt like sexual assault, and then they denied me putting him up for adoption and forced me to drop out of school to take care of him. The father ran off immediately after finding out I was pregnant and I haven't seen him since. I wasn't ready for this, I never wanted any of this.

By the time I turned 18 this past winter and I was legally able to make my own choices, I immediately moved the fuck out and will never speak to my parents again. But what can I do? My son is already 3 y/o and it's not like I can just throw him away. He deserves to have a good life, he's a wonderful little human being that's bonded to me and loves me and I don't have the right to traumatize him by abandoning him.

But I honestly do wish I was dead basically all the time. I hate kids, I think they're annoying. I'm not maternal at all. I never feel like I bonded with my son, he just feels like an exhausting ball and chain that I have to feign enthusiasm about taking care of. I don't even have a high school education. I work at a convenience store. I live in my van because I can't even afford an apartment. I can't do anything for myself, no hobbies, no activities, no fun, I can't even do normal stuff like buy jeans or get my hair done. What future do I have? None. None at all at this point. I had dreams for myself. I was on the honor roll every single semester. Now I'm just some bitter, tired old single mom. I'm broke as hell. Everyone judges me. I'm probably going to die alone. Fuck all of this shit. Fuck every single bit of it. I don't want to live like this. I honestly don't even want my life anymore.

two cents ¢¢


people (especially women) do not give ONE DAMN about what they inflict on children
and I defy anyone to prove me wrong:

The selfish wants of adults outweigh the needs of the child.

If I want to hear the pitter-patter of little feet I'll put shoes on my pets.

Mankind and its needs (wants) are like unto a black hole. It devours all available resources and it never is full: it merely grows larger and demands more.

Definition of 'wealthy': Anyone who makes more/has more than you do.

Someone pointed out that I'm a realist. And all along I thought I was just a pessimist crossed with a cynic.

Entitlement, thy name is mooooooooooooooo

"Fathom the hypocrisy of a government that requires every citizen to prove
they are insured... but not everyone must prove they are a citizen.
Add to this that, many of those who refuse or are unable to prove they are
citizens, will receive free insurance paid for by those who are.""

I am confused enough already. I do not need outside help.
Re: Regret Corker from r/childfree
July 01, 2020
While I don't deny what this woman's parents did to her was bsolutely horrible, she is being a terrible parent by keeping her child with her when she's homeless. She's right, the kid does deserve a good life because he didn't ask to be born. But what kind of life can she give him with no money, no education, no home, no aspirations and no will to live? Mark my words, she will eventually take out her resentment on her child if she hasn't already.

It's a shame she can't give the kid temporarily to someone she trusts while she tries to get on her feet so the kid is still taken care of and isn't just shuffled around in the system. It sounds like a crappy situation to be in and I know it's not as easy as just getting up and starting life over again, but if she can't take care of herself, she sure as hell can't take care of her kid and it's not right to keep him if she can't give him what he needs. Believe it or not, kids need more than mommy's kisses.

What happens when the kid hits school age and needs clothes and supplies? Does she think for one second Junior won't blab that he lives in a car with Mommy and someone won't call CPS? Or does she intend to not ever send him to school to avoid this? And does this woman not qualify for benefits? If she's in the states, I can't imagine she wouldn't get fucking everything paid for by the government with her kid in tow.

I don't doubt the idea of giving her kid up is incredibly painful, but she can't possibly give her child a good life when she's in such a horrible place herself. Give the kid a chance and give him to someone else, perhaps do an open adoption so she can still stay in touch. Oh, and burn her parents' house down with them in it too because fuck them.
Re: Regret Corker from r/childfree
July 02, 2020
for better or worse, it's pretty much a myth that people with a kid get benefits out the wazzoo--or even enough to get by. From working at a womens shelter I can tell you, even in a small town , the subsidized housing has a huge, years long waiting list. Back when I had a single Mom friend on welfare, it was nowhere near enough to support them and rent even the cheapest apartment in the worst neighborhood. My friend was pretty smart and gutsy and ended up waitressing for cash under the table just to put food on the table. And was able to do that only because she found a neighbor who could watch the kid Some people may luck out, through crafty behavior or etc, but they are mostly apocryphal tales related by anti-poor people Repubnicants. I so wish stupid stars(lust?) -in -the -eyes girls didn't believe the myths. They really hear that there is SO much help and just go ahead and find out the hard way--crashing with sketchy friends and resentful relatives, and headed downhill all the way.At least this poor woman didn't bring it on herself voluntarily
Re: Regret Corker from r/childfree
July 02, 2020
Drop the kid off at the parents and disappear. They wanted him in the world, they can care for him.

"Not every ejaculation deserves a name" - George Carlin
Re: Regret Corker from r/childfree
July 02, 2020
Drop the kid off at the parents and disappear. They wanted him in the world, they can care for him.

Best answer.
Re: Regret Corker from r/childfree
July 02, 2020
I'm a cynic, and while this story may be partially true, this does not pass the smell test for me. Granted, 75% of what I read on Reddit seems fake in some way.

1. Homeless + internet connection? I understand the internet is somewhat essential these days. Maybe she has one of those unlimited phones and is paying $30 a month.

2. Is her kid living in her van with her? How is she keeping him clean? Where does he go while she is working and how can she afford daycare? Convenience store workers have notoriously bad hours and they need 24/7 daycare which is expensive.

If she's really a Mommy I would think she would have mentioned where he was going while she works, if only to be bitching about the cost of daycare and how it's breaking her budget.

3. The kid's father; First of all, fundy or not, there is such a thing as statutory rape. The dude should have been prosecuted and these cases are pretty easy when there is a living chyld.

But let's say she's in a state where these things are not prosecuted--the kid's dad should still be supporting the kid. In many states when a mother applies for aid, the state will go after the father automatically so the state does not have to pay for it.

I know from doing volunteer work that in some states, financial support for Moos isn't what it used to be, but you would think she would qualify for something. The WIC program used to have pretty high income limits and people in lower paying jobs could still qualify.

But yes, if she cannot afford the kid, she should be giving him up.

We also do not know how this person acts in real life. I'd venture to say someone may have offered adoption as a possibility.

Many years ago, circa 1986, I worked in an office with trashy redneck Moo. She was a single mom and I was an intern. She had a very cute little kid who was a toadler. She talked about him non-stop, including some truly weird stuff about giving him enemas every day if he didn't poop and how he cried when he was hungry and she would tell him to shut up and go to bed. She was mentally challenged and she sounded like a 14 year old trying to take care of a kid.

One day she came to me whining about money. I'm sure was supposed to open my wallet. Instead I said something like, you know there are people out there who cannot have children who would adopt him in a heartbeat, right? I told her if she could not take care of him, she should give him up for adoption. THE CLAWS CAME OUT. She got SCARY ANGRY and told me I DON'T NEED NO MAN TO RAISE A KID and MY SISTER HAS THREE KIDS AND IS LIVING IN A HOMELESS SHELTER RIGHT NOW. EVEN IF I HAVE TO GO TO A HOMELESS SHELTER I'M NOT GIVING HIM UP. HE'S MINE.

At least she didn't talk to me after that. Eventually someone in the office called CPS on her but she was white and CPS didn't give a shit. You know, that whole "the best place for a chyld is with his mother" bullshit.

He's probably incarcerated or a serial killer by now.
Re: Regret Corker from r/childfree
July 02, 2020
"Granted, 75% of what I read on Reddit seems fake in some way"

This is the feeling I get about reddit, even CF reddit. There was a recent story on there about a woman who was sitting at a desk at work showing some technology to the new Vice President. The VP had pics of his nephews on his desk and a moo just walked up to him and when she found out the kids were not his went off on him, thinking the guy was an intern.
The VP went directly to HR and had her fired.

I started to wonder why there seems to be so many cf redditers with so many severely mentally ill co-workers, but it seems that some of them may be looking for attention and points with other redditors
Re: Regret Corker from r/childfree
July 02, 2020

1. Homeless + internet connection? I understand the internet is somewhat essential these days. Maybe she has one of those unlimited phones and is paying $30 a month.

I doubt this chick has an Internet connection. She probably parks next to a fast food joint and thieves wifi to get online. Ileagal as hell, but people do it.


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