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The baby may have to keep sailing

Posted by cfdavep 
The baby may have to keep sailing
August 03, 2020
...for about 85 years


Couple decides to live on a sailboat and mentions rarely seeing people therefore they are protected from COVID for now and had a kid four months ago. Guess the kid has a long life to live at sea to avoid the shitstorm of the virus.

Also these people can pull this off because the public donates to these types of adventures in return for watching the "reality show" on youtube and will REALLY donate hard if a baybee is in the picture...cause gotta watch a famblee.

There is an older single guy on youtube you talks about the reality of sailing out on the seas alone and no one donates to him altough he is retired and can afford it.
Re: The baby may have to keep sailing
August 03, 2020
She is obviously much younger than him so of course they had to have a baybee.

It sounds like they are having fun and somehow surviving with a baybee. But they are completely dependent on others (not good) and as far as a career goes, you can't leave in 2008 and expect it to be easy to return for any reason. They better hope there are no injuries and that they don't have to go back to work. Also, what happens with school for the kid? And all these years this guy hasn't worked---what about social security? I'm guessing they don't have health insurance because it would cost a fortune? It would be difficult to do permanently this without a brat in tow, the stars would have to align perfectly. But with a brat? They'd better have a hidden source of income/money pot.

Maybe the guy invested his money from the Microsoft years and is letting the interest compound while surviving on the donations of others. Something about this seems disingenuous. More often though, people who make high salaries spend every penny they earn because most can't /won't budget. I've known of numerous people who earned well into the six figures, were laid off, pissed through any company-given separation benefits without lowering their expenses and had to cash out their 401K to pay basic expenses. Most couldn't survive six months, let alone a year. I think part of it is when a recent graduate happens upon a really good, high paying job and figures life can only get better. And this isn't always the case. Sometimes the high paying job comes with a on-call expectation and is highly demanding and after a few years a lower salary and work-life balance become more appealing.

I have a friend who did something similar, spent her 20's out having fun, traveling and working cool jobs. But there was no baybee to tether her either.
Re: The baby may have to keep sailing
August 04, 2020
There is no future. Not for anyone. These breeders are stupid, because they can't be sailing at the age of 80 and forcing the child to live with them in this idiotic life, yet I know there's no life for this child on shore.


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