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Beware the Moos on Quora

Posted by cj 
Beware the Moos on Quora
August 07, 2020
Most of you probably know about Quora.com, where one can ask/answer questions posted by other users. I guess it’s similar to reddit, but less intelligent in some Sectors.

There was a Q & A about the “Saddest Picture that hides an Awful Story.” Something like that.So here’s ther Turpin family in California, the parents of 13 kids whom they essentially kept as prisoners, starving them and chaining them to their cots. Moo and Duh are now in prison. A photo of the kids was at top of the article, all of them dressed identically.—red shirts, jeans, and all of them barefooted. Creepy story.

Anyhoo, discussion derailed into having your own children versus adopting. One Moo was adamant about “it’s natchural to want to make an baybee with someone you luv.” Gawd I hate that expression! Then came the kicker, “that’s what Gawd intended.”

Like an idiot, I commented that not everyone wanted kyds, and God may or may not have anything to do with it, and that different people want different things. Reasonable, I thought. But it got me the wrath of Moo.

“Maybe you should read the whole thread before chiming in.” Of course, I had. Dumb cunt! If Ass is not kissed, there will be hell to pay!

Damn, I hate breeders...censored bar

It takes a child to raze a village.
Re: Beware the Moos on Quora
August 17, 2020
Well you know, "making a baybee with someone you luv" is way more important than considering whether said baybee will grow up in a stable home, a non-eroding environment or a planet experiencing unprecedented upheavals on many fronts.

This kind of magical thinking plus "it's what Gawd intended!" line of thought makes me lose faith in humanity's ability to make rational decisions on behalf of us all. The people in control know how to push the buttons of masses of people who just aren't very bright and to whom critical thinking is part of a leftist "anti-Gawd and famblee!" agenda. But even despite political orientation, it's just that most people are susceptible to this magical thinking. I am concerned that the future will be nothing less than a Soylent Green meets Idiocracy shitshow because of it.
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