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CF and independence

Posted by Snowe 
CF and independence
September 11, 2020
This comment from waay back in a Patio thread has stuck with me for the last 11 years and I always tell myself that THIS is my ultimate goal. Finding the independence and freedom to (with or without a partner) enjoy a life not tied down by children no matter what society thinks or says.

Solo travel....

As a tangent to that, apparently once a woman marries, she's not supposed to want to travel by herself. I suppose that's by way of preparing her to be saddled by kids - once those come along, oh forget having time to yourself.

Dh and I had different schedules for most the years we worked. I was off three days/week; Dh two; we had one common day together. On that day, we'd do 'together stuff', but on two off days, I was on my own. According to a lot of folks, I was supposed to stick close to home. My response: "like hell". Especially having my own motorcycle, and the Blue Ridge Parkway only ~70 miles from my front door .... screw staying home. I'd be off at sunrise and home by sunset, sometimes putting 300+ miles on my bike. There were days I'd pack my topographical maps and go exploring. The response from people was usually a hushed "your husband lets you do that?"

It was suggested several times "well, at least find a riding partner", to which I replied "ick". Even riding with Dh can be a trial. He fixes his view on a distant point and heads straight, while I'm an ADD rider: constantly scanning the area for interesting points, sometimes saying "wow! wassat?" and making a sudden U-turn to go check it out.

People really got ants in their pants when I talked about making the 1000 mile/three day ride to visit family in the Midwest. On my first trip, I returned to work and received a scolding from my boss "you didn't call to let us know you made it OK!"
Me: "wuuuut?"
Boss: "you - a WOMAN - on those roads by yourself! ANYTHING could have happened!"
Me: (major eyeroll) ::Mr. T: I pitty tha foolhrows hands in air::: /heads back to desk to catch up on 300 useless corporate e-mails/

I have enough sense to always dress in non-gender-revealing clothes when riding by myself, but the way people react, you'd think I was setting myself up for an episode of The Perils of Pauline.
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