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Probable PNA by fire in my area

Posted by Cambion 
Probable PNA by fire in my area
September 21, 2020
Don't want to post a link because I don't want to out my location, but this story made the headlines in the local fishwrap. An adult Downy tard who lived at home with his Moo was left alone in a trailer with a woodstove. You can probably see where this went. No telling yet if the tard was responsible for the fire spreading, but speculation seems to point to the guy fucking with the stove unsupervised as the cause of the fire.

I want to know whose bright idea it was to put a wood burning stove in a trailer in the first place because trailers go up in flames VERY fast once they catch fire.

Also, I know some people with Down syndrome can have relatively independent lives, but between this one still living at home with Mommy and apparently not having the sense to LEAVE THE HOUSE when it was burning down around him, I can only assume he was not one of the higher functioning ones.

I have to draw the conclusion that this was a PNA because Moo had to known what her child's limitations were and that he could not be left to his own devices, yet she intentionally left him all alone with access to a fire.
Re: Probable PNA by fire in my area
September 22, 2020
If this was an actual mobile home, those have other means of heating built in. If this was a travel trailer (RV), the problem is even worse.

You don't want to use a woodstove unless you have no other options. Aside from having to buy or cut wood all the time, you have to install the woodstove properly and maintain it. It needs to be on fireproof flooring such as concrete or fire bricks. Most trailers have (flammable) wood floors, and placing a heavy load of concrete or bricks on that floor can be a problem. Woodstove installations are supposed to be inspected because of the obvious safety issues.

Ashes and other residue are corrosive, and the stove will have to have new metal eventually because of that.

I'll bet moo did...none of this.

I hate to think of what kind of jerry-rigging it took to put a woodstove in a trailer. Just having to cut a hole somewhere for the exhaust pipe gives me the willies. And that trailer probably wasn't in great condition anyway.

Maybe not exactly a PNA, but certainly a lot of idiocy...
Re: Probable PNA by fire in my area
September 22, 2020
When I was on SSI and lived in an RV, I used an electric space heater to heat things. However, I can see women in multi-generational poverty in anti-sex education/birth control/abortion states getting stuck in situations they can't handle because the GOP doesn't want the wimmins educatted.


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Re: Probable PNA by fire in my area
September 22, 2020
Yeah. Sounds like a deeply uneducated rural area. Lots of trailers and wood stoves, even if those two things shouldn't go together. Still sounds like a possible PNA, though.
Re: Probable PNA by fire in my area
September 22, 2020
Yup, definitely Bumfuck, Nowhere. Aside from the horrible combination of woodstove + trailer, it doesn't change the fact that the Moo left her mentally disabled and dependent adult son alone near an open fire. Tards and children are both attracted to the things that will harm them the most, up to and including fire.

I wouldn't be surprised if Moo "accidentally" left the stove in such a state that it was more accessible and then left her son to his own devices in the hopes he would off himself in a house fire and then since everything would likely be torched, there would be no way for the police to determine that it was foul play rather than a tragic accident.

At best, this woman was negligent. If she was her disabled son's caregiver, she neglected him by leaving him alone with a fire in a highly flammable environment.

I'll be curious to hear what the police and the coroner have to say.
Re: Probable PNA by fire in my area
September 24, 2020
there is a stove that burns pellets or even field corn. the heat extraction from them is so good that by the time the pipe is vented. all that is necessary is a pvc fitting. it's that cool at that point.
trailers are notorious infernos. they are also gone with the wind in a tornado. I honestly think the metal construction and the great number of other metal containers does something to the electromagnetic field which somehow acts as an 'attractant'. but the, that is another reason they call them mobile homes (to quote Dan Fielding in Night Court)

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