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Childfree Cruise During a Pandemic ??!!!

Posted by cassia 
Childfree Cruise During a Pandemic ??!!!
September 25, 2020
This is a part of an email I just received from "So-Called Selfish Life"(Child-free film in development)

"BIG NEWS: I've just signed on to screen So-Called Selfish Life on a childfree cruise to Alaska, Aug 11-18, 2022. It will also feature keynote speaker and author of Childfree by Choice, Dr. Amy Blackstone. This is a serious bucket list trip!

A refundable deposit of $125.00 per person gets you your pick of cabins, which are discounted for our group. More about the cruise here, but please note that this is not our booking site.

For more info: Contact organizer (and childfree OG) Marcia Drut Davis at marciadavis@ketravel.com. You must book directly with Marcia to get special pricing and be part of our group. Please tell her Trixie Films sent you. "

Here was my instant reply to Therese at Trixie Films

"My estimation of you is seriously eroded by the announcement of a group cruise during a PANDEMIC.
There are hundreds of thousands dying, no effective understanding of the disease, good diagnosis nor treatment.

It is tone- deaf to the extreme.
Please announce complete cancellation and an alternative fundraiser that is not so tone deaf."
Re: Childfree Cruise During a Pandemic ??!!!
September 25, 2020
Marcia Drut Davis fancies herself as the "face of CFdom" but she's really just a step who's always trying to shill her stupid cruises.
Re: Childfree Cruise During a Pandemic ??!!!
September 25, 2020
It sounds like someone is trying to get on the reality show bandwagon, this time with the CF
Re: Childfree Cruise During a Pandemic ??!!!
September 25, 2020
i just read that she admitted that she was cf on 60 Minutes in 1974 leading to her losing her teaching job and having death threats. I wonder if she went on the show in order to get fired to turn the controversy of being cf into something lucrative? Apparently she is still at it.
Re: Childfree Cruise During a Pandemic ??!!!
September 25, 2020
To be honest, the whole thing was upsetting and Therese Shechter doubled down in another email to me.
I unsubscribed from her email list in support of her future CF film and hope that she gets pillared in the media for her self-centred attitude.
Re: Childfree Cruise During a Pandemic ??!!!
September 27, 2020
Cruises were already floating Petri dishes prior to the pandemic. Their issues were just merely amplified when they were left stranded with no place to dock. The fact that any cruise company is running during all this is irresponsible to the extreme.

I would prefer a trip to a CF all-inclusive resort rather than a cruise and not during a fucking pandemic.

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Re: Childfree Cruise During a Pandemic ??!!!
September 29, 2020
Cruise companies are just one of the operations that will never recover from this Pandemic.


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