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Couples without children save more money

Posted by Techie 
Couples without children save more money
October 24, 2020

So, is CNBC saying that even with all of the tax breaks and freebies thrown at parents, CF folks are still able to save more? Wait, I thought the popular concept was that married men with kids outearn their single childless/childfree counterparts by a wide margin?

I personally tend to believe it is possible to have way more wealth as a CF than as a parent, even with higher taxes, even without free perks. Ambitious, hard working, persistent CF, will blow it out of the water every time. This applies to income, wealth and savings.

Now, higher taxes for CF. To me, that's just an opportunity cost. That's just a cost of doing business. Sometimes a higher business cost results in higher returns. Taxes get a bad reputation and I can understand that. But given that taxes create an environment in which I may be able to prosper, I can also understand why they are there.
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