Saw a sign that said this on my way home today. It's on the same street as the "Abortion Kills Babies" sign in the same colors, so I assume it's the same group of mouth-breathing hayseeds who put up this new sign.

Oh sure, test the educators for drugs and booze and then if they get fired for positive tests, who will be around to teach the precious miracles? Most people in this area are drunks and/or junkies, so good luck finding someone who's completely sober in general.

The morons who put this sign up (presumably parents) don't seem to get that the main reason teachers get fucked up is because of the parents themselves and their horribly behaved spawn. It might not be so bad if the same people who support this message weren't at home getting drunk and high in front of their kids every damn day.

I know it's just a sign, but it not only seems like a pointless statement, it's not even anywhere near any of the schools! It's on the main drag between Smokin' Joes and the Subaru dealership.
It's just one of those feel-good initiatives that parunt-pandering politicians seem to love. Drug testing is expensive--we know who is gonna pay for that and property taxes will go up even more.

Kids are in far more danger from drug-addicted parents in the home. Too bad parents don't have to show they are sober prior to having kids.
Kids are in far more danger from drug-addicted parents in the home. Too bad parents don't have to show they are sober prior to having kids.
This society worries far too much about stranger danger and threats to kyds from people outside immediate families, as another thread discusses. Look at the licensing and monitoring required for teachers, child care workers, et al.

No one seems to want to admit parents and others in the household are the biggest threats to kyds by far. God forbid anyone mention licensing parents, except for adoption (and that is related to stranger danger hysteria). Social workers today go to great lengths to keep "families" together by keeping children with dysfunctional parents, which makes zero sense.
People should be entitled to do whatever they like to their own bodies as long as they don't put others at risk through driving, second-hand smoke, etc. Alcohol is legal, but I'm pretty sure a hung-over teacher is going to perform worse than one that likes to get high on the weekends. Plus, who can cope with hours upon hours of kids (and their breeders) without some kind of chemical brain modification like "mommy juice"?
As a former elementary school teacher, I can testify that almost every teacher I knew was a drinker. Not alcoholic-level drinking, but definitely “I need a drink at the end of the day to deal with this shit” -type drinking. Maybe stop giving teachers all the blame but none of the power to make the decisions they get blamed for, and they’ll stop needing alcohol to cope with the job.

"Not every ejaculation deserves a name" - George Carlin
Absolutely if someone in any line of work is using any kind of recreational substances to the point of impairing their ability to do their job, something should be done about it. But a lot of breeders seem to think that teachers should be completely G-rated robotic babysitters at all times who aren't allowed to smoke pot now and then or have a drink or two after work. Dog forbid a mommy "catches" their kid's teacher having an adult drink on their own time at a bar or restaurant because O MAH GAWD they don't want an ALCOHOLIC teaching their precious babby! bemused eye roll

Meanwhile, the Moo who complains about their kid's teacher having a daiquiri in public is the same Moo that probably drinks box wine out of her trunk.

How's about mandatory drug testing for parents instead? If it's the most important JOB in the world like they say, then they should be subject to all the scrutiny any other JOB entails, up to and including drug testing.
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