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More of my tax dollars going to support BREEDERS! D:<

Posted by marco polo 
More of my tax dollars going to support BREEDERS! D:<
June 24, 2021
I haven't logged in in forever, but what I just read pissed me off royally.

Context: I work my ASS off in a fucking auto parts factory where it routinely 120 degrees inside and NO we don't get extra breaks for that. The only consolation is that they rented us evaporative coolers for the summer, so that's something. But it sure as shit doesn't pay very well and most of the time I am dirt broke.

There was a random link about "fourth stimulus checks in 2021" and on reading the link it said no, most Americans won't get one. But under the "American Rescue Act" millions of eligible PARENTS will get recurring payments from the IRS!

I don't even know it it's passed yet but FUCK THAT, I hope it doesn't! The expanded child tax credit is bad enough! Now they want MORE of my wasted tax dollars to go to supporting these fucking breeders, meanwhile I get to continue being mostly dirt broke.


Damn America's breeders to HELL!!!!! >sad smiley >sad smiley >sad smiley

eta: side note, thank you sterilization, just turned 40 and still happily childfree! grinning smiley
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