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FABULOUS description of pregnancy

Posted by kittehpeoples 
FABULOUS description of pregnancy
June 29, 2022
The author is not shy about describing a fetus as a parasite:

Anonymous via UniteWomen.org
I think it's culturally time for us to re-frame how we think about the uterus.

It's not a nurturing organ—it doesn't need to be. A fetus is frighteningly good at getting the resources it needs to nurture itself. If they are implanted anywhere other than the womb (most often the fallopian tube, but also sometimes the bladder, intestine, pelvic muscles and connective tissue, and the liver) placental cells will rip through a body, slaughtering everything in their path as they seek out arteries to slake their hunger for nutrients.

Fetal cells will happily grow in any of these places, digesting and puncturing tissue, paralyzing and enlarging arteries, raising blood pressure to feed itself more, faster; but it will be unable to be ejected. It's no coincidence that genes involved in embryonic development have been implicated in how cancer spreads.

Rather than a soft cozy nest, a womb is a fortress designed to protect the person from the developing cells inside them.

Because of our huge and (metabolically speaking) expensive brains, human fetal development requires unrestricted access to a parent's blood supply, which makes pregnancy (and miscarriage) incredibly dangerous for the carrier. The uterus has evolved to control and restrict whether placental cells can get that access, and to eject it before it develops enough to kill the host. THE FUNCTION OF THE WOMB IS TO PROTECT THE PARENT'S LIFE. The very structure of the womb very firmly prioritizes the life of the parent over the life of the fetus.

Even with modern medical care, at least 800 people die EVERY DAY from pregnancy (and childbirth-related causes). Among developed countries, the United States has one of the highest rates of maternal mortality in the world, and Texas has one of the highest rates within that. The rate is even higher when viewed among BIPOC only.

Pregnancy may be necessary for the continuation of the species, but it is not a joke. It is a life-threatening event, a parasitic attack on a human body; just one we have romanticized and been desensitized to.

The "miracle" of birth is that we have a protective organ designed to, if all goes well, let us survive it. It doesn't always go well. It is life or death. Someone who chooses to get pregnant, stay pregnant, and carry a fetus to delivery is legitimately choosing to risk their life to do it. Nobody else has the right to make anyone do that, and nobody should be punished or vilified for not wanting to do it. Forcing someone to carry a pregnancy, ANY pregnancy, is attempted murder.
Re: FABULOUS description of pregnancy
June 30, 2022
I've seen this description before, but it's always worth another read to remind ourselves that pregnancy isn't just disgusting, unsightly and uncomfortable - it can easily be dangerous. It's amazing how much our organs protect us from shit that occurs normally/naturally in our own bodies. Stomachs protect us from the hydrochloric acid sloshing around in our guts that would otherwise eat holes right through us. Appendixes and bowels (and other organs, I'm sure) hold in bacteria that, if it escapes into our abdomens due to organ rupture or perforation, will cause life-threatening infections. And, as this mentions, women's uteri protect them from parasitic fetuses.

Anyone who thinks pregnancy is beautiful and miraculous is a fucking moron. The woman is quite honestly a host to an insatiable parasite that will do everything it can to survive to term. The woman is not choosing to nourish the precious gift of life with her body - the fetus is forcefully taking nutrients from her. Even in the womb before they have brains, brats are nothing but MINE MINE GIMME GIMME. If you substituted the word "fetus" with "parasite" in that description, it could be the plot of a sci-fi/horror movie.

Based on this part:

The uterus has evolved to control and restrict whether placental cells can get that access, and to eject it before it develops enough to kill the host.

I now wonder how many miscarriages are due to fetal abnormalities that are "incompatible with life" and how many are due to the fetus getting too greedy with its resources and the body yeeting it before it can suck the host dry.
Re: FABULOUS description of pregnancy
June 30, 2022
I remember reading 'war in the womb' several years ago and it definitely makes it clear what a fetus will do, given a chance.
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