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spawn in first class!

Posted by cantstandkids 
spawn in first class!
November 16, 2021

On a 10 hout flight to London, business class upgrade paid for with my own hard earned cash, a damn baby in business, 2 rows behind.... so noise, smell, disruption but one bathroom less as the shit machine's handlers monopolized a lav for nearly the whole trip! Then... then! trip back, someone had a screecher in First! only one WC in first so the owners dragged it into business and hogged a lav... carried it around both first and business, no mask, damn thing wailing intermittently but surely when most inconvenient, such as when a relevant announcement being made by FA's. I'd propose a HEPA filter over its pie-hole attached with duct tape and drug the sodding thing. Fentanyl rather than antihistamines to be sure to keep it quiet!

Finally.... bullshit like the above from a notoriously breeder friendly rag. I'm going to have to eat an extra beta blocker to calm my blood pressure!
Re: spawn in first class!
November 25, 2021
I once had a first class flight from London to Marseilles on my hard earned credit card points. Some breeders brought a fresh hatch onto the plane and it screamed and screamed, and projectile vomited all over the aisle. I was enjoying a lovely breakfast and some champagne and these assholes....ugh. Also, the poor flight attendants sad smiley
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