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Parents forever suing

Posted by cfdavep 
Parents forever suing
August 02, 2022

They bought their 12 year old kid an e-bike that was for 16 year olds at least a certain height and she rode it with a friend in LOS ANGELES where biking is very dangerous and was riding on the rack over the back wheel.

"Molly and an 11-year-old friend climbed aboard a RadRunner e-bike that belonged to the friend’s 13-year-old sister, the lawsuit says. The friend was operating the bike as Molly rode atop a flat rack over its back wheel, a feature that “invites a passenger to sit in tandem,” according to the complaint.

The two girls rode to the top of a hill that they most likely would not have been able to climb without the bike’s electric boost, the lawsuit says. After the friend turned the bike around to head back down the hill, the bike “began to rapidly pick up speed, and it began shaking,” according to the complaint. The friend “applied the rear brake, but the bicycle did not slow. She then pulled the front brake, but the bike did not stop, and the front wheel began to wobble.” She lost control, and the girls were thrown. The lawsuit claims that the Rad Runner’s “disc brakes in conjunction with a quick-release mechanism for detaching the front wheel” is “a known safety hazard” in the bike industry"

I honestly do not think a bike rack ever invited anyone to sit on it, but according to the parunts lawyer's that one rack did

Also it was the fault of the electric boost that the bike made it up the hill in the first place.
Funny they did not try to sue the hill.
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