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How many became CF because egg donors forced them to babysit siblings and niblings

Posted by twocents 
I have asked this elsewhere.. I have seen a good number of posts where egg donors (it is usually mombies and they rarely force the boys to do this) make their young child baby site babies and toadlers. Supposedly to teach them 'how to be a maaawmmyyy'. Mock, abuse, and then discipline the 'babysitter' when it does not turn out well? Mainly who in hell expects an 11 or 12 year old to handle some screaming toadler shitty brat bastard anyway...

Fast forward to where this victim is now childfree... how many have had the satisfaction of telling their egg donor they will never ever see a grandchild and it is because of them... Personally I would find this scenario very satisfying. And throw bingos back in their faces..

two cents ΒΆΒΆ


people (especially women) do not give ONE DAMN about what they inflict on children and I defy anyone to prove me wrong

Dysfunctional relationships almost always have a child. The more dysfunctional, the more children.

The selfish wants of adults outweigh the needs of the child.

Some mistakes cannot be fixed, but some mistakes can be 'fixed'.

People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one. Leo J. Burke

Adoption agencies have strict criteria (usually). Breeders, whose combined IQ's would barely hit triple digits, have none.
My elder sister, during her dark days of addiction, tended to dump two toddlers on my niece, who was just age six to age nine, at the time. Thankfully, nothing bad happened. What is interesting is that all three kids ended up child free, although the boy was murdered at age 17.


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I knew when I was still a brat myself that I didn't want brats because I didn't even like kids when I was one. But forced babysitting when I was 17-18 by my aunt absolutely cemented my choice. This is the same aunt I mentioned in another thread who would just dump her kid on unsuspecting relatives because she didn't want to mommy. I usually got left with the child on Saturday nights because my aunt was still trying to hide the fact she'd had a child (long story), so I'd get forced to watch her toddler while she went to church. There was nothing wrong with the kid, she was a perfectly normal toddler (she was also still in diapers), I just don't have patience with kids.

My older cousin never got forced to do it because she had a job and friends, and my younger male cousin "Ben" (not his real name) just had to say he didn't like the toddler cousin, which made her cry and then magically Ben never had to brat-sit. I always got stuck with it because I had no job, and it was assumed I had no friends and no life. Yeah no, I have nothing better or more interesting to do on a Saturday night at 18 than watch my aunt's ill-conceived child. Thankfully going off to school meant no more on-call brat care and my aunt had to actually watch her own damn kid.

In retrospect, I barely did much of anything, but those were some of the longest hours of my life and made me beyond certain that I never wanted to do that every fucking day. If I didn't even have the patience to deal with a normal child for an hour or two without wanting to slit my wrists, how the fuck would I ever deal with a child 24/7/365 for two decades? I wouldn't, that's how. And I was never naive enough to think any brat I produced would be different just because it's mine.

I knew I was CF before I knew the term "childfree" existed. I think I have shared this story before, but when I was like 7 or 8, I had one of those Baby Alive dolls where you spoon slop into its mouth and the same slop goes into its diaper a few minutes later. You know, to get girls ready for their "inevitable" destiny of being Moos. eye rolling smiley Well I got tired of that shit in a hurry, so I fixed the needy baby doll by cramming Tootsie Rolls down its throat and up its ass. Ta-da! No more feeding and no more pooping! Yeah, I'd be a terrible parent.
Nope. Only child and never had to baybeesit anyone. But I didn't like kids even when I was one myself.
I wanted to babysit before I was six or seven and would have been happy to help out. The issue is that I was expected to do way too much for an infant when I was six years old (punished if an infant cried and I was in the same bedroom because I had to have somehow caused an infant to cry...because they never cry on their own). This coupled with an expectation that I would babysit anyone at anytime by the whims of my family or their friends without any respect for my boundaries or it being a choice on my part is what turned me off permanently from it. Plus the shamefest of hearing how selfish I was if I said no for any reason outside of school or an extracurricular activity because good brats do exactly as they are told without complaints and they keep a smile on their face while doing it. I got out of this shit by obtaining a job in high school and staying busy with extracurriculars.

Prior to this the only doll I had was Baby Alive and I liked it because I could mix the food packets, feed it and it had a dirty diaper. Once I ran out of food I shoved a crayon in its mouth and stopped playing with it. Others would give me dolls and I would shove them in the closet and ignore them.

I observed lots of parunts as a child and the common denominator is that all of them were absolutely thrilled when they were away from their kids, most sighed and were visibly aggravated when their kids approached them and the vast majority of them sure didn't seem to care at all for parunting and would be thrilled to have anyone deal with their kids. Of course, they were all friendly, happy and delighted to see their adult friends and to vent to them about their choice to have brats or how terrible their brats act. My mom used to sit on her ass talking on a phone for hours and vent about me to her friends while I cleaned her house.

There were also lots of grudges held against me because when I was an infant I dared to be sick and other such nonsense. They'd try to use these grudges to guilt older me into doing things because of my past "misbehavior". I remember as a teenager having something thrown in my face that I did when I was five, as if it didn't happen 8 plus years ago when I was a little kid. There was also a big push to get me to take care of them when they are elderly which started when I was a little kid. I've had to throw out most of the programming that happened when I was a kid, because most of it was created solely to serve the parunts best interests.

Also, by the time I was about six I realized I liked only a few kids and only a few people in general. I thought most people were overwhelmingly stupid.
Nope. I wasn't forced to babysit anyone. I did make cash babysitting when I was a teenager, but it was never framed as "practice for being a mom" bullshit. It was just another odd job, along with lawn mowing, pet-sitting, and car-washing.
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