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Another breeder goes apesh*t after being turned down for an apt situation

Posted by cfdavep 
Another breeder goes apesh*t after being turned down for an apt situation
December 01, 2021

Moo about to sluice applies to be a roommate and is turned down. She goes nuts screaming that the person looking for a roommate hates single moos due to the stigma.

The OP said she did NOT want to live in a place with the mess of a baby in it. The breeder went as crazy that that "dave" guy discussed here and on reddit. Breeders go PSYCHO when they are turned down for dates, roommating, jobs, even demanding free housing and the right to steal. I bet the op here will be trashed on social media over this
Re: Another breeder goes apesh*t after being turned down for an apt situation
December 01, 2021
Good for the roommate in spotting an entitlemoo and taking every precaution to keep her out of her life.

Oh sure, I bet the AH said the prospective roommate won't even know the baybee is there. bemused eye roll

Until the baybee is born and reality sets in and all of the sudden moo stops contributing to keeping the place clean because she is bizzy and tired. And even if she never asks her roommate to do anything for the baybee I guarantee you she'll pull passive aggressive shit and there is literally no end to the fuckery she can pull with a baybee.

Somehow every night the baybee is screaming and the roommate hears it but the moo ignores it.

The baybee is in the living room so the moo isolates herself in the bathroom, her bedroom, or outside and her roommate is left to deal with the baybee. But moo will be right back.

The baybee has been sitting in a loaded diaper that anyone in their place could smell and it is in a common room. They've been smelling it for hours yet moo chooses to ignore it. She is tired, after all.

The baybee is screaming because it is hungry and there is no formula because moo is too cheap to keep an adequate stock.

And the baybee crap she promised to keep confined to her room continues to creep out into the living room....

She'd learn to wake up in fear EVERY MORNING that she would leave her room and moo would be MIA and there will be a note saying she'd be right back and yet the baybee is lying there with a fully loaded diaper and screaming because it is hungry or whatever. For all the roommate knows the moo could have left the night before. And hours later moo is still MIA. This could also happen any time the moo knows the roommate is going to be around and moo wants a reprieve, not just during mornings.

Moo could go MIA when the roommate is scheduled to go to work. If roommate goes to work she'd likely come home to her belongings destroyed. Or moo could "suddenly vanish" anytime the roommate has a date or is hanging out with friends.

And it would only be a matter of time before moo couldn't afford rent and expects her roommate to cover her. Or she expects the roommate to cover food/bills/etc. because she has a baybee and they are expensuf. She is likely to piss away her money on fast food (because she is too tired to cook) or she may lose her jahb because baybee.

What the roommate would be really getting is a stranger who expects to be treated like her best friend, yet it would all be one-sided. And moo isn't going to give a shit about the roommate, if anything she is going to be hostile towards her because she envies her freedom. And she sounds like the type to blow up anytime she doesn't get her way. This will get way way worse once she has a brat because baybees never make anyone's life any easier.

And if somehow they managed to live together and to not kill each other for two years, along comes a toadler to destroy her furniture and belongings and throw fits about anything and everything.
Man, that's pretty awful. At least she found out about this when she did and told the single moo no. If the woman was only a month along she may have even known about her being inpig.

I've been seriously thinking about renting out my second bedroom in my house because there's plenty of room and it would help me out financially. I have a lot of space, but I'd never rent to anyone with a loaf for all the reasons listed above. Whoever I chose to rent to would have some basic rules to follow (nothing insane, just respecting boundaries) and they'd have to be okay with my pets.

This type of scenario is what makes me hesitant. It would only be rented out to someone who has NO kids, but I'm not sure if that would count as some sort of discrimination. Moos, especially single ones, would be the first to scream that if they're turned down for housing.

This woman was perfectly well within her rights to not rent her space to a breeder. It would be waaayyy more trouble than it's worth. I would liken it to renting out to a meth head or something. Noise, filth, stealing, no money, etc. The home being destroyed would only be a small part of it.

I'd be worried about being rooked in for free loaf-sitting and favors because loaf. That single moo was nuts to start ranting at her. It just shows what kind of person she is. Even if she didn't have the loaf, the entitlement is there, and she'd expect things and her rent would start coming late and eventually not at all.

Good luck trying to boot the bitch out, she'd be freaking out because she and her baybee would be HOMELESS! What kind of nasty, evil person would see a loaf out on the street? Just not worth it on so many levels.

When I decide to rent, I will be very careful about who I pick as a roomie. Once rent changes hands in a tenancy agreement, their rights go up exponentially and the home owner's goes down.
Re: Another breeder goes apesh*t after being turned down for an apt situation
December 03, 2021
It's not like jobs where it's illegal to discriminate based on reproductive status, or even refusing to rent to someone based on race, gender, number of children, etc.... even though landlords and employers totally do this, they just aren't dumb enough to be blatant about it. But if someone doesn't want to live with you for any reason whatsoever, they are well within their rights to turn you down and tell you so to your face. Not wanting to live with someone who is about to hatch a flesh loaf is completely understandable.

I don't care what promises the wanna-breeder makes, she will 100 percent expect the roommate to take partial responsibility for her crotch dump once it's born. The fact that the wanna-Moo completely exploded upon rejection shows that she is definitely going to be a breeder and not a PNB, so I'd say the author dodged a huge bullet because Moo definitely seems entitled.

The only bad thing is now the wanna-Moo will know to hide her pignasty and subsequent infant from future potential roommates if she continues using the roommate finding service so she won't get rejected for the same reason again. Then some other poor sap might wind up being a secondary parent when Moo conveniently "forgets" to mention babby until move-in day and then drops the bomb on the unfortunate roomie that oh yeah, just an FYI, she has a baby, teehee.

The author was definitely not the wrong party here. They sound like they don't want to deal with the messes that accompany children, and probably doesn't want to lose thei security deposit because of someone else's bratling.

Showing this kind of anger toward someone's personal boundaries is a huge red flag. Let her be someone else's problem.
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