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Breeders are the most dangerous in desparate situations

Posted by cfdavep 
Breeders are the most dangerous in desparate situations
August 27, 2022
I was over on the collapse site and they were discussing climate refugees and how maybe 20% of the world's population will be displaced by 2050.

Some breeder over there said:

"I think violence is very understandable in those kinds of situations. If i would have to flee my home with my family, i know i would do anything to secure shelter and food for my children. If that means taking the homes or even lives of some strangers in a foreign country, i would do it, and I'm sure any mother would do the same"

I have heard moos making comments like this about how in desparate times it is ok to steal home or murder for the sake of their sprogs. No one commented on what was said here as if she was just being an everyday wonderful mammabear.
Re: Breeders are the most dangerous in desparate situations
August 28, 2022
Despite the fact that the social net is almost 100% exclusive to moos, they are the first ones to complain about how they are denied more freebies. The whiney ones can damn well leave the US and go live somewhere else AFAIK. Countries with strong safety nets are notoriously difficult to gain citizenship to. They'll realize really quick that there is no free lunch and romanticizing the benefits of those in other countries is the same as romanticizing brats: neither are accurate, both require much more effort than initially imagined and for the most part both overall suck.

And if for some reason they manage to find another country to live in where they are satisfied just wait until their brats mature or move out and they lose all their tax advantages and have to pay in huge taxes for the safety net of other breeders. Reality is a bitch, especially if one isn't bright enough to figure this out before birthing little resource suckers.
Re: Breeders are the most dangerous in desparate situations
August 29, 2022
Well if that's the case, I sure hope they are fully prepared to put up a fight. Do they think someone with shelter or a home will just roll over and let a famblee take it? How's about NO? The people living there will defend it, and if they have the same mindset as this here mama bear, they will have no problem blowing away the whole family to protect their home and their assets. Sounds like Moo is pretending to be a big shot without thinking about the fact that if she is willing to commit murder for her sproggen, other breeders will be as well.

She says violence is "understandable" in dire situations, until the violence is aimed at her and her brats. Then it won't be okay. But if the planet is a steaming ball of shit in 2050 as anticipated, absolutely nobody will care about her rights or safety or needs or the fact that she has nowhere to store her loaves because it's gonna be every man (or woman or whoever) for themselves.
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