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Childless-By-Choice Women Are A Big Part Of Society's Deterioration

Posted by freya 
Childless-By-Choice Women Are A Big Part Of Society's Deterioration
September 18, 2022
Apparently child-free men aren't part of this deterioration. Author is religious and is likely knee deep in regret and wants others to experience her misery first-hand, so she seeks ways to target women and guilt them into replicating.

x-ain cunt author
This “child by choice” movement seems to insinuate we’re unaware of the work, slaving away like 50s housewives with no other option. Quite the opposite: We’re working for something bigger than the moment. We’re sacrificing now for the future. We’re giving life to someone else, often for their benefit over our own. That’s not delusional; it’s beautiful.

Yes, we do think you are unaware of the work involved with parunting because despite there being millions of articles and confessions online about how much work raizing brats is pretty much every new parunt is shocked at how much work it entails. If there is anything being a parunt reveals, it is the people who ignore the cautionary tales and can only learn through suffering AKA fools.

Aw yes, the fweture! When all else fails make people feel guilty for not doing their part for the fweture by breeding! What about those women with bad genes or too old to breed, is polluting the gene pool really helping anyone?

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