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Young woman refuses to go to famblee Thanksgiving and be the free babysitter

Posted by freya 
Young woman refuses to go to famblee Thanksgiving and be the free babysitter
November 20, 2022
22-year-old daughter has attended Thanksgiving in the past with her famblee.
They put her at the brat's table and go in the other room to drink. She is expected to watch the brats.
This year she accepted an invite to go to her boyfriend's house and her moo had a meltdown when she told her, saying everyone will miss her and that it is a big deal to give the parunts off for the day. Daughter has been doing this for years and is sick of it. Sadly she isn't able to get the support she needs from her friends/family so she is on R asking if what she did was appropriate or not.

And no, moo-the parunts won't miss the daughter, they will miss the free bratsitting.

It is no wonder some people would rather be with significant others, friends or alone for the holidays than be used by their family. Beats being the traveling free bratsitter in any respect.

at least the opinions are siding with that poor girl. frankly I hope she will be CF and deny her greedy grasping selfish parunts the supposed 'joy' of a grandkid. Or at the most walks out on this bunch of entitled bastards

two cents ΒΆΒΆ


people (especially women) do not give ONE DAMN about what they inflict on children and I defy anyone to prove me wrong

Dysfunctional relationships almost always have a child. The more dysfunctional, the more children.

The selfish wants of adults outweigh the needs of the child.

Some mistakes cannot be fixed, but some mistakes can be 'fixed'.

People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one. Leo J. Burke

Adoption agencies have strict criteria (usually). Breeders, whose combined IQ's would barely hit triple digits, have none.
No, nobody will miss her at Thanksgiving. They will miss the free forced babysitting she's been providing. If the parents "deserve" the day off from the sprogs they chose to have, why don't they stick them with a sitter? Like someone who willingly volunteers to watch the kids? The author deserves to enjoy a normal dinner instead of being expected to watch the brats of the rest of the family. I'd bet every last cent I have if the author was a male, they wouldn't be expected to do this shit. But since they're a young unchilded female, ohhh hey let's just dump all the biological trash in her lap because she has nothing better to do!

If the author's Moo wants her daughter to be at their table for Thanksgiving, maybe she should have treated the author better and not stuck her with brat-sitting duty. Oh noes, this means the poor Moos and Duhs will have to actually PARENT their own kids! The HORROR! eye rolling smiley

To be fair, she could also have just, you know, not watched the kids. She could have ignored them and when someone gives her shit when one of the brats gets into something, she can say very loudly, "When did it become my job to watch everyone's kids? Why can't I join my own family at the dinner table for Thanksgiving?"

But I understand she might be the kind of person to avoid confrontation. But there are passive-aggressive ways to get out of brat-sitting duty at future events. Teach all the kids how to swear and that their moms and dads will really really love it if they not only swear, but swear loudly. Tell them to ask Mommy about the pretty lady that came home with Daddy last week and if Mommy knows her (or vice versa). If they're school-aged, tell them that Mommy and Daddy said that teachers really love it when kids call them "cunt" to their faces because that will be an interesting call home. Give them all 5-Hour Energy shots, frosted brownies (because frosting = more sugar), a sand art kit and a painting kit and then hide in the basement to wait it out like any other storm. Teach them how to sing something annoying like the song that never ends, the Baby Shark song, the Chicken Wing song, etc. Throw a toy in the middle of the room and have them fight for it while providing sportscaster-like commentary (preferably after the energy shots and brownies).

If they did these things, I guarantee nobody would ever ask this person to watch their children ever again. But I understand that simply going somewhere else is the path of least resistance and I respect that.
Some less confrontational ideas, even though the Cambion confrontationals are better:
Spent lots of time in the bathroom while letting the brats free range and step outside/away for as many reasons as possible.
Or simply join the adults and if they ask about the brats just look confused and either grab some food or talk with someone else. If they push, tell them no, she isn't the babysitter.

Or, if they confront her about bratsitting: don't say anything and pick up an entire platter of sweets. Carry it into the room with the brats. Give it all to them and walk back in with an empty platter. If they ask again, do the same with another platter of sweets.

This young woman has been getting the shaft so there is no need for her to take the high road.
Re: Young woman refuses to go to famblee Thanksgiving and be the free babysitter
November 22, 2022
Notice that this grown woman was expected to sit at the kids' table in the first place. Some families have a separate kids' table for holidays that the kids are expected to keep using even after they're grown, which is ridiculous and demeaning.

I don't blame the daughter for cutting out of Thanksgiving with her family. Not one bit.
The rare lesser-known forced male babysitter makes an appearance and gets out of brat duty with a single can of beer!

In all honesty, this may be a hit-or-miss tactic because a lot of breeders don't really care who minds their loaves, as long as they have a pulse. Consider the example of the average Moo that leaves her child in the care of a total stranger in a store (without permission) so she can go shopping in peace. Still, the level of no fucks given by this guy makes me happy.

Not to mention what a hypocrite the breeder is because you KNOW damn well plenty of breeders indulge in any number of substances just to tolerate their brats on a daily basis. But when the person being forced to deal with them allows a drop of booze to touch their lips? Cue the breathing of fire and shrieking of the banshees and eruptions of volcanoes worldwide because HOW DARE YOU WATCH MY BABY WHILE DRUNK?! eye rolling smiley



My aunt (now 40) have three kids under the age of 10. At every family gathering I (23m) become the defacto babysitter despite me not wanting to so the adults can drink. It was her birthday dinner yesterday and my mom promised me that I wouldnt have to babysit and that the kids would be at a friends house.

The first step I take into their home is greeted by two earsplitting screams about how much the kids missed me and one toddlery jodeling. I immediately realise I might have been lied to. Normally I dont drink (huge light weight) but since this was a special occasion I had made some plans. So my aunt enters the hall to greet my mom while I reach into my backpack and walk into the living room and crack one out of two 12% Viking beer I special ordered for me and my uncle (he likes weird beer) and we start drinking. About three minutes later my aunt sees the can and starts screaming at me for drinking while watching the kids (I only hear distant screaming).

I repeat my moms promise and she calls me the R word when they are clearly staying here. So I reach out my hand and say 200 bucks for emergency babysitting and I wont finish this beer. She says h*** no so I chug the half litre can to the loud cheers and laughs from my dad and uncle. When I'm done I say "birth happy day mommy sister" with a burp. With my mom just looking hugely embarrassed for my aunt. My designated driver dad ends up watching them the entire night instead, I think he might schedule a vasectomy soon.
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