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CF YouTuber Awarenessthumbs up plus some personal schadenfreude

Posted by cfuter 
CF YouTuber Awarenessthumbs up plus some personal schadenfreude
December 19, 2022
Just wanted to put this here so we are aware there is a CF YouTuber, putting the good word out there for us.



She goes on the I regret having children FB page, and goes thru all the kids-are-a-joy scams, and how there are different types of "hard" in life but other types of "hard" are actually more rewarding than moohood. Having kids=terrible lives.

I know we contradict ourselves on here, we didnt want the grunt work of Parunthood and it was too difficult for us and we knew it, decided against it rather that do it and then whine and complain, but we also claim it is not hard....and it isnt, its time-consuming, tedious, etc., but not technically hard day to day (kinda like housework/maintenance--not hard, but it keeps ya busy), and we give parunthood more thought they they do and how to do it right vs the lazy or illogical ways. It seems hard bcuz you just dont want to do it, as much as you LUV your kids to death. But gosh the stories on this YT, they are more heart-breakingly sad with each passing word. Gawd, we really all dodged a bullet on this page. Cheers to us!

Then a random CF schadenfreude moment I had this week...everytime I go out w/ a parunt, I have one, even tho many pals' kids are way into adulthood now. My male friend was lamenting how his GF babysits her grandson ONCE A MONTH (she is not lamenting this, she likely is happy to do so once a month to spend some time w/ the kid), and this babysitting goes on becuz her adult son and wife play dungeons and dragons with their friends over. He thought this was just soooo ridiculous. Hey, I think it's a bit ridic from my POV, but I did stick up for them...I said would it make you feel any different about it if they went to dinner and a movie/play, something like that? It is something they enjoy doing, once in awhile just like a date nite out on the town. At this point, IDK it was only once a month, how he was going on about it I thought it was much more often. Anyway, when I asked what was the big deal, he said, with some venom, "Hey, I had kids and I had to Suck. It. Up!" I starting chuckling, and tried to muster up the kindest way to say to him....I touched him on the shoulder and said "As a CF person, I thank you for letting me know the truth, that having kids isn't some overwhelming joy Ive been missing, and just something that people have to "Suck Up". I'm glad to know it." I think he realized what he said when I said this, but he actually did not walk it back like I expected. He went on to say "I couldnt go out and do stuff I wanted when the kids were little" He says this w/ so much angst and his youngest is 30 now. And, he resents a parent having one nite a month to themselves. My goodness. I have had to give up luxury vacations becuz my dogs have gotten deathly ill (and ended up dying later from it) and I never felt I was 'sucking it up' to the point that I would discuss it w/ venom 20 yrs later. Maybe it goes to show they don't luv their kids but just feel obligation, and nothing more.
Re: CF YouTuber Awarenessthumbs up plus some personal schadenfreude
December 20, 2022
Here's another YTr that discusses the contradictory childed peeps who understand why you don't want kyds at your CF wedding but resent it at the same time.

childfree weddings are totally insulting?

This literal Karen thinks childfree weddings are totally insulting...and I think she's totally stupid. Come on this journey with me as we read the article "Why Childfree Weddings are Totally Insulting".

(IDK why but the link wont work, and just copy/pasting it for some reason squeezes an emoji in the middle of the text, which is weird. I edited three times to no avail. So It is Childfree Kimberly Are CF weddings insulting...you'll have to do a you tube search if you want to see it for the fun explanations. Sorry, I have no idea why this is happening and wont accept the link)

Re: CF YouTuber Awarenessthumbs up plus some personal schadenfreude
December 20, 2022
Here's another AITA vid that discusses a breeder MIL who asks for the money they spent on the couple's rehearsal dinner to be returned to her, since they are not having kyds, and also got double snipped, so it is for sure they will not change their minds. Oh my, family is just so precious.

Re: CF YouTuber Awarenessthumbs up plus some personal schadenfreude
December 20, 2022
Childfree Kimberly rocks!! I'm loving how there is so much more unapologetic CF content out there!
Re: CF YouTuber Awarenessthumbs up plus some personal schadenfreude
January 11, 2023
This guy is wonderful in this vid. Nice to see a man, a POC, and today's youth calmly look at the CF situation and explain it. Other CF vids, while really just trying to explain, end up sounding a bit ranty, I'm sure it turns some people off. I get where women are coming from tho, they get the pressure more than a young man.

Also, glad for so much regret being posted online, especially about everyday stuff with kyds

I really wonder if many many parunts are ever having a good life. I know breeders will insist that everything is not about having fun etc and I agree w/ them there, but if you have a kyd, or god forbid more than one, and for at least 20-25 yrs your life is the opposite of living, and IMO you really dont get it back very well becuz you alienated all your old friends, whether or not they were suffering w/ their own kids

I'm glad this is out there becuz so many just dont see it, or think they are above it and it won't happen to them. That is very rare. And, the deniers of all ages are always loud and indignant. I know my MIL was once, at dinner when I spoke about the suffering of moohood. She just made a flat statement as "no it isn't". I dropped it. But u can tell she was pissed I spoke of the subject. But I have heard the men (who married into the fam) in the fam, say they could do without the little kyd years, I said under my breath to hub,"I told ya", wonder if anyone heard it. But for some reason, MIL didnt do her chiming in w/ them that they were wrong, and it is not suffering. Nonetheless, my MIL is always happy the kyds are gone after a stay with her. And, no one finds this ironic, but me.

Anyway, here's the vid, I find it so delightful, I'm gonna watch again.

Re: CF YouTuber Awarenessthumbs up plus some personal schadenfreude
February 02, 2023
Check out YT couple 2Hearts1Seoul. They're a Canadian/Korean couple living in Seoul and they've mentioned in several videos that they do not want children and will not be having them.

"Why children take so long to grow? They eat and drink like pig and give nothing back. Must find way to accelerate process..."
- Dr. Yi Suchong, Bioshock

"Society does not need more children; but it does need more loved children. Quite literally, we cannot afford unloved children - but we pay heavily for them every day. There should not be the slightest communal concern when a woman elects to destroy the life of her thousandth-of-an-ounce embryo. But all society should rise up in alarm when it hears that a baby that is not wanted is about to be born."
- Garrett Hardin

"I feel like there's a message involved here somehow, but then I couldn't stop laughing at all the plotholes, like the part when North Korea has food."
- Youtube commentor referring to a North Korean cartoon.

"Reality is a bitch when it slowly crawls out of your vagina and shits in your lap."
- Reddit comment

"Bitch wants a baby, so we're gonna fuck now. #bareback"
- Cambion

Oh whatever. Abortion doctors are crimestoppers."
- Miss Hannigan
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