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waiting for the parent rants

Posted by thom_c 
waiting for the parent rants
March 18, 2023
FB Las Vegas Parent

Adults finally get their own play ground! Opens at the end of the year inside the Luxor. The venue is called Play Playground

Yet somewhere between climbing trees and climbing the corporate ladder, we forgot how important it is. So we’re bringing play back, baby. Come jump into a 13,000 square-foot immersive wonderland of games and attractions at the Luxor, Las Vegas. There’s no need for VR when the real thing looks this fun. Meet, drink and compete with your friends in more than 20 colossal games that make you feel like you are inside your own game show.
We will get a sneak peak hard hat tour before it opens so stay tuned!!

More info: https://www.playplayground.com/

I'll give this one a miss. Don't want to deal with sprog and 'rent rants

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Re: waiting for the parent rants
March 19, 2023
It looks like it is adults only after a certain time (it doesn’t say exactly when the magic hour is), but I have a feeling there will be daily temper tantrums by parents when it’s time to kick the underagers out.

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Re: waiting for the parent rants
March 21, 2023
I remember forever ago there was something about an adult slumber party that was held in an Ikea or a museum or something and parents threw huge fits over it because they thought it was going to just be an orgy because sleepovers are for children and how dare this business promote such a disgusting event. It was meant to be completely G-rated and people were told to bring sleeping bags, pillows, snacks and pajamas and there would be a movie too, I think?

Because dog forbid adults have FUN! Fun is only for children, dontcha know?? Try being over the age of 18 and swinging on a swing set without some cow accosting you for it. I think it wasn't all that long ago that video games - previously regarded as a form of children's entertainment - were finally accepted as something for adults as well as kids. Adult coloring books also became a thing within the last maybe five years too because adults like to color too dammit. I am all for normalizing adults playing - it's not something you should feel like you have to quit doing just because of your age. I'm in my 30s, but if Discovery Zone was still around, I would absolutely still play in it.

It says the place is open to families during the day and is adults only at night, so parents are totally still allowed to visit this place. But I'm sure they'll still bitch that the place has "after dark" hours and why can't they bring their sproggen in to play at 12:30am, and how "adults only" is discrimination and ageism. Never mind WTF are you doing taking your brats to fucking Vegas.
Re: waiting for the parent rants
March 21, 2023
Parents don't want to pay a sitter, that is all when they gamble the mortgage away.


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Re: waiting for the parent rants
March 23, 2023
I couldn't care less about playing on a playground at night (indoors, it appears) that brats have been pissing, shitting and vomiting on all day. Sounds like a germ vehicle to me and bet it is sticky in no time with that perma-sticky crap brats coat onto everything.

And how long before the brats damage or destroy it?

I can just imagine the rent rants once the rents are asked to leave because brat time is up....and most rents are likely drunk too. That's a scene I don't care for, BUT I would watch a video on it in my own time and laugh hysterically. That would be worthy of a few minutes.
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