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Men jealous?

Posted by cfdavep 
Men jealous?
March 26, 2023

I was reading this article and there was a mention that men are trying to curtail women's right to choose as they are "jealous of women" who can do this mysterious, "mystical" gestation, birth thing. My spouse has never been jealous of periods or birth and thinks the whole thing is gross.

I never understood this "men are jealous" of women stuff.
Re: Men jealous?
March 26, 2023
I can see where insecure and controlling men want to curtain a woman's right to choose. It certainly has nothing to do with jealousy because they wouldn't want to be the one stuck doing 99% of the investing: carrying around a fetus, sluicing, beefing, post-partum regret and all the grisly aftermath, etc. Even the easier stuff, like chauffeuring the brats around? Nobody wants to do it. Nobody wants any of that shit but for whatever reason, lots of people still lie to themselves and others about it.

The insecure and controlling men HATE that a woman has the ability to reject having their brat or preventing their bloodline from continuing. The insecure/controlling men types are the same ones that think they can walk out on the birth mahm and brats and that somehow the birth mahm will be just fine and the brats unharmed. These men purposely pick wimmin that are the naive types that will always eschew abortion and stick around when they're mistreated and are much less likely to expect any kind of obligation from the duh if he chooses to walk away.

Some of these duhs manage to find naive wimmin who have some kind of occupation. Often, they are nice to these wimmin until they manage to sabotage their birth control, then reality rears its ugly head. By this time the wimmin have often let themselves be shamed, ridiculed, or bullied into having the brat. In these instances the men folk often leave within the first few months of the sluice if things are not to their liking. Of course, the wimmin in these situations would have had a very difficult time leaving first (even if they do regret the sluice) because they are the ones recovering from the sluice and are likely on some kind of leave.

Any man who expresses a judgement against abortion should be strongly assumed to be one of these types.

I really don't see very many situations where a woman can give birth and not be stuck in a shit situation or make herself very vulnerable to one. I'm thinking an intelligent woman with a large inheritance and a good legal team may be the only way a woman can protect herself when sluicing.

Even a woman who thinks she desperately wants brats may end up either hating parunting, or alienating her spouse because he hates parunting. And brats, both neurotypical and not neurotypical can be absolute hell to deal with (thus, BRATS). I don't know if it is true but I read that 80% of marriages with an autistic child result in divorce.
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