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Wasn't Serena the one whining nonstop about her first? Well, she has sluiced again.

Posted by freya 
It has been a while but I vaguely recall lots of mooing and wailing from this one about the life she chose to bring onto this planet and how she didn't recover overnight.
But, here is one: https://www.cnn.com/2018/01/10/health/serena-williams-birth-c-section-olympia-bn/index.html
And another: https://www.self.com/story/serena-williams-childbirth-experience

Apparently, they are vague for her too, because she did it again. I guess advanced age (for pignasty), blood clots, and a pulmonary embolism aren't enough to slow her down:

Yes I read about it. I guess this birth was easier than her first.

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I'm so sick of this twat and I know the rest of us are. The minute she got knocked up the first time she was constantly in the press whining about her pregnasty.

She had probably aged out of tennis anyway by the time she got pregnant, but that didn't mean she's not constantly whining about how haaaaard it is to be an athlete and pregnant, etc.

Pre-Birth, she was already boasting how she was about to become a "real woman."

And then there was Being Serena a yawn-worthy documentary where she whined the entire time about having to get back into shape for tennis and how haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard it was because she sluiced.

Then she went back to tennis and didn't do very well, but made a "dedication" on Twatter for the Mawms, while she assured them she was "just like them." vomit worthy

And then there was her cheating scandal where, despite her coach admitting he was coaching her from the sidelines, she emphatically stated she most definitely wasn't getting coached from the sidelines because she's a Moo therefore she's not capable of cheating because she has to set an example for her dotter.

So sick of how breederific sports have become. Everyone and his/her brother is dragging their loaves around. You see it a lot in golf now too. Someone wins a title and they are parading their loaves around with the trophy.
I don't give a fuck about this twat. Bed made. Lie!


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All she does is whine. She’s s a sore loser and a bad winner. Despite being the most successful tennis player of her generation, she always finds a way to make herself out to be the victim.

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I'm so sick of this twat and I know the rest of us are. The minute she got knocked up the first time she was constantly in the press whining about her pregnasty.

I forgot about all that. Surely the whining is some kind of publicity stunt. Either that or she is one of those athletes who are as dense as load of bricks. She can't be serious with this; it has to be some ploy to stay relevant. She would have been much better off just writing a book and keeping it positive. I'd much rather read about what made her an elite athlete than about how she can breed and it isn't a garden of roses. Cockroaches can breed, it isn't interesting in the least.
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