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Teen shits who murdered their Spanish teacher both get life

Posted by Cambion 
Teen shits who murdered their Spanish teacher both get life
November 17, 2023
They were tried as adults and both got life for beating their Spanish teacher to death with a baseball bat. Unfortunately, they will both be eligible for parole in the future - one after 25 years and one after 35 years.

Also, apparently the murder was committed over a bad grade and was not racially motivated like I originally suspected. It seems that one of the students was worried that a bad grade in that teacher's class would have interfered with his ability to take part in a study abroad program. So the rational solution to them wasn't to try harder or ask for extra credit, but to kill their teacher for doing her job. Because their teacher being gone would somehow magically undo their bad grades?? Not sure how her being gone would have had any effect on their marks in the first place.

The one that was sentenced most recently - Jeremy Goodale - cried like a bitch and got a nosebleed on the stand while spewing off what I'm sure was a very rehearsed apology about how remorseful he was. eye rolling smiley Bullshit, he's only sorry because he's facing consequences for his actions. The judge even said the only reason the fucker wouldn't rot for life without parole was his age.



Jeremy Goodale, one of two Iowa teenagers who pleaded guilty to the 2021 murder of their Spanish teacher, was sentenced to life in prison Wednesday. He will be eligible for parole in 25 years.

Goodale’s co-defendant, Willard Miller, was sentenced in July to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 35 years. Miller is appealing the sentence, according to his case record.

Goodale and Miller pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in the killing of Nohema Graber, which occurred when they were both 16 years old. Graber was a teacher at Fairfield High School, where Miller and Goodale were students, city officials said.

Graber was beaten to death and her remains were concealed under a tarp, wheelbarrow and railroad ties, investigators said.

“I’m sorry. Truly sorry. What I’ve taken can never be replaced,” Goodale said in a statement to Graber’s family during the sentencing hearing.

Judge Shawn Showers noted Goodale’s age is the only thing that saved him from a lifetime behind bars.

“If you had helped Mr. Miller 18 months later, you would be in prison for the rest of your life,” Showers said.

Graber’s son Christian also spoke at the hearing, saying he was willing to forgive Goodale because he believes that is what his mother would want.

“I have hope that your story can still be something positive,” Christian Graber told Goodale, noting he spoke to Goodale in prison before the hearing. “I really do believe that you feel bad for what you did, and I believe in you, and I do forgive you.”
Re: Teen shits who murdered their Spanish teacher both get life
November 17, 2023
Well, I think this is the end of "going abroad"
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