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The Care and Keeping of Hu-Cows

Posted by KABA 
The Care and Keeping of Hu-Cows
September 30, 2010
"borrowed" from http://alt.nntp2http.com/dolcett/2007/07/bf8f1234878160876ba1359bfdc1e16a.html

The Care and Keeping of Hu-Cows

Please note, the SFL do not refer to our cow slaves as slaves, primarily, because as hu-cows, they are Tax deductible, as cow slaves, they are not.

Hu-cows are human females maintained in the production of human milk outside of the traditional time of lactation for their own offspring. They are kept as milking livestock for the convenience, pleasure and potential profit by their owners.

Hu-cows are considered to be and are treated as domesticated livestock by their owners. Of the humans kept as either livestock, ponies or house pets, the hu-cow is the second lowest order of "human animal" and must, at all times, behave and "think" like the type of "animal" they are in their Owner's home or farm. As such, hu-cows aka. cow slaves are not permitted to speak as humans but only to make "bovine-like" sounds and utterances, such as mooing. Cow slaves are also referred to a "heifers." It is important to note that a cow slave's "breasts" are always referred to as UDDERS.

Cow slaves, as domesticated livestock, are not permitted into the homes of their owners except under the special condition of being utilized as a domestic cow slave, either as a Serving Cow slave or a Caged Cow slave in the kitchen or pantry of the household. Cow slaves are kept in a state of nakedness, except for certain "attire" that will be explained in this document.

They are kept in stalls in either diary barns, garages or basements of a household, depending on the type and size of herd being maintained by a particular Owner of a herd of cow slaves.


We are exempt this method of numbering, preferring to simply keep at numerical count as selling of the hu-cow is either done in Job Lots or they are too used up and therefore sent to the Abattoir.

Cow slaves are only given names when in very small personal herds of up to four cow slaves. In larger herds cow slaves are given serial numbers based on the following formula:

The last two digits of the year in which they join a herd and the number order of their entry into a herd. An example is, a cow slave that joins a herd in 1998 and is the 4th cow slave to enter a herd in that year, will be cow slave 98-04. This numbering system is also applied to cow slaves given names by their owners so that a cow slave given the name "desire" who entered a herd in 1998 as the first cow slave of that year would be "cow slave 98-01 desire." This numbering system is used in the record keeping of a cow slave. See RECORD KEEPING
below for more details.


There are three types, or sizes, of cow slave herds:
A DAIRY HERD - This is the largest, and most profitable of the three types of cow
slave herds consisting of fifty (50) to a hundred (100) cow slave heifers. There can be more than one hundred heifers in a herd but this is usually accomplished by the herd Owner having more than one herd of cow slaves.

A Dairy Herd is kept in all three grades of milk; new, whole and golden. A Dairy Herd is housed in a large barn adjacent to a private pasture of at least three acres. A Dairy Herd requires a full-time veterinarian on staff and at least a dozen "cow pokes" to maintain
the herd properly.

Thirty per cent of the herd is kept in golden milk, twenty per cent of the herd is made available for "Outside Rental," to help defer the cost of a large herd of cow slaves, and ten per cent of the herd in golden milk for the personal use of the Owner's household.

FARM HERDS - A herd of cow slaves from ten to twenty-four cow slaves is Small Farm
Herd. This number of heifers can be maintained in a smaller rural setting with a smaller staff and a part-time veterinarian "on call." Ten cow slaves can be maintained in a Personal or Home Herd if the household has the physical room to keep ten heifers in proper barnage.

A herd of cow slaves of between twenty-five and forty-nine heifers is considered a Large Farm Herd and can still have a veterinarian "on-call" with a larger staff of cow pokes. Both a Small and Large Farm Herd can be kept in the three grades of human milk and made available for outside rental and household use in the same proportions as a Dairy Herd.

PERSONAL HERD - A Personal Herd, also referred to as a Home Herd, consists of between
two and ten heifers maintained in a "home setting" rather than on a small or diary farm.

[NOTE: An Owner can maintain one heifer as a cow slave but, in that the definition of a herd is a plural amount of livestock, one cow slave is usual a household slavegirl or maid that is kept in milk for the exclusive personal use of her Owner.]

A Personal Herd's milk is as the name implies, for the personal consumption of the herd's Owner and household with some outside rentals to very close, personal friends for weekend or party rentals.

The rental of the hu-cows and the sale of the Personal Herd's milk to an outside buyer of the raw milk product should pay for the upkeep of the herd. A personal herd requires a monthly "check-up" by a vet and is usually maintained by the Owner's personal slave-maid and one or two "volunteer" cowpokes.

OUTSIDE BUYER - The Outside Buyer of either a Personal Herd or a Farm Herd's milk
product will usually supply to the Owner of the herd all of the required equipment for the milking and storing of the milk product as well as the maintenance of this equipment and the pick-up of the milk produced. All other expenses are paid for by the cow slave herd's
Owner. The Outside Buyer is usually a full Cow slave Dairy with its own particular milk label.

MILK GRADING - Cow slave milk can be of three basic grades, new, whole and golden.
New milk is a thin milk produced when a cow slave is just coming into milk production, whole is her normal milk and golden in milk produced when the cow slave is either calving or is given special hormone to keep her in golden milk production. The milk grade a cow slave is producing is indicated by a colored disk attached to the cow slave and is detailed
below in the Identification Section of this Manual.

COW SLAVE HERD EXPENSES - Please note that we run a tight budget, so rely on regular donations of valuable male Protein. Breed of male, unimportant.

FEEDING - The major expense of keeping a herd of cow slave heifers is the feeding
of the herd. Heifers are fed a daily diet consistent with their use as milking livestock;

1. A combination of a prepared cereal mix of rolled oats and grits mixed with water. This feed is called "cow slave mush." Cow slave mush is fortified with a domestic animal vitamin
supplement, such as "Pet Forte" brand, and other nutrients and hormones to stimulate natural lactanation and to keep the herd healthy.

2. A mix of pre-cooked vegetables consisting of collard greens, peas, carrots and corn. This mix is called "cow slave veggie mix."

Twice weekly one of the daily feedings is replaced with a feed of white rice and pinto beans, for added protein in the cow slave's diet. Once a week, and only as a reward for excellent milk production and no discipline problems, a cow slave is fed a supplement feed of beef
barley soup.

Cow slaves when in pasture are given a "hay" made of shredded wheat, left in feeding troughs, that they may consume while at pasture. Cow slaves are supplied with fresh drinking water at all times. Cow slave feed is always consumed cold, at room temperature, by the
cow slaves. The mush, rice and soup should be prepared a day before being consumed by a heifer. The veggie mix is "prepared" simply by opening the large can of pre-cooked vegetables and pouring them into the feeding trough.

When a cow slave is serving in an upright milking cage she may be fed and watered through tubes inserted in her mouth at feeding times.

Since a cow slave is considered to be livestock, she may never utilize her hands in the consumption of her feed. The cow slave shall feed in either a kneeling position, with their arms pinioned behind them, when feeding in their stalls, or on "all fours," when in pasture, either in stall or in pasture.

COST OF FEEDING - The cost of feeding a cow slave must be kept low as to insure that
the cow slave is not a burden on its Owner. All of the above feed and supplements can be purchased in bulk at either feed stores or large supermarkets that sell in bulk quantities.

The cost of feeding a cow slave heifer should be no more than $2.00 per day in feed, including the lactation supplements, making the cost of keeping a small herd of ten cow slaves at $20 per day, $140 per week, $600 per month or $7,200 per year, for ten heifers. That is approximately $720 per cow slave per year for feed.

A hu-cow is never permitted to consume any other foods, including; meats, sugars, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, or any other stimulant, or any heated foods or beverages. A cow slave may not ingest any drugs except those prescribed by the Veterinarian or Research Doctor/ess.

The sale of a cow slave's milking output MUST exceed the cost of feeding and maintenance by at least double. The maintenance does not add that much to the overall cost of keeping cow slaves in milk production.

MAINTENANCE - In addition to feed a cow slave heifer requires a bare minimum of
upkeep and maintenance. She is supplied with a monthly supply of "feminine" napkins which,
consistent with her position as domestic livestock, are maintained by one of the cowpokes. She is washed daily with a liquid carbolic soap that is sprayed on her in a shower stall and, once a week, her hair is shampooed with the same carbolic soap.

Her udders, ankles and wrists are powdered daily with scentless talcum powder, to avoid any chafing that might occur from the rubbing of any chain hobbling or the physical act of her milking. A cow slave will have her teeth brushed once a week except when in household or outside rental service when the cow slave's teeth shall be brushed before each such period of service.

A cow slave heifer receives no other "luxuries" other than an occasional "treat" from an admirer of her sweet milk. However, this is a very rare occurrence since the quality of a heifer's milk output must never be compromised and a cow slave must never feel like anything
but what she is kept as, domesticated livestock.

The total cost of these maintenance items should be no more than $2 per week per cow slave, adding only about $100 a year for their upkeep.

COW SLAVE ACCESSORIES - There are certain "one time" expenses involved in the keeping of cow slaves. These accessories enable a herd Owner to properly maintain his
or her herd so as to keep udder milk production at a high level. As domestic livestock, a cow slave is kept in a naked state at all times. The following accessories are utilized to keep the cow slave in correct form for her role as a provider of quality udder milk.

1. UDDER HARNESS - Made of leather strapping that supports the cow slave's usually pendulous udders without covering them, acting like as a heifer bra. The udder harness is affixed with grommets that allow the udders, including the nipples, to be covered when the cow slave is sleeping or being transported to avoid any possible damage to the cow slave's
very valuable and delicate aureoles and nipples. Except for the sleeping and transport times cow slaves' udders are never covered.

The udder harness can be cinched very tightly around the cow slave's udders to help stimulate her milk production. The udder harness can also have long leather connecting straps attached to it that go from the strap under the cow slave's udders - under her crotch and cinched up to the strap in back.

2. BRIDLE - This is not a pony bridle with a bit but still allows the cow slave to be secured to either a milking post or stall when not secured to a milking stanchion.


1. FOOT COVERING - Cow slaves in either household or outside upright milking service are fitted with high heel shoes with six inch spike heels. These shoes are tight-fitting, closed toe shoes with an ankle strap to insure a proper tight fit, making to shoe feel like more like
an implement of bondage. A cow slave will always be shod by a cow poke when being prepared for either household or outside upright service.

When a cow slave is in household or outside service, even when contained in an upright milking cage, her ankles will be fettered with a length of thin steel six inch hobble chain.

2. COW BELL - When in pasture, when in household service and even when in her stall, a cow slave can be fitted with a cowbell around her neck. Nothing makes a cow slave feel more "bovine" than the sound of her cow bell as she moves either in pasture or to deliver her fresh,
hot udder milk to her Owner or one of her Owner's honored guests.


A cow slave is never permitted to wear any jewelry but is fitted with various identification tags to properly identify a cow slave as to her Owner, herd number (cow slaves are only given names when in permanent service to her Owner as a personal cow slave).

A tag also shows the grade of milk the heifer is producing for separation in milking. Another tag shows any veterinary or disciplinary conditions.

The ID tags can be attached to either a heifer's permanent neck collar or, if the cow slave's ears have been pierced, to her ears or to a combination of the two.

The milk grade is identified with a round disc with a color representing the grade of milk that the cow slave is producing; Blue for New Milk; Green for Whole Milk and Gold for Golden Grade Milk. When a cow slave is barren of milk she is affixed with a black disc.

The other ID tags can be any shape, such as square, triangular or oval, depending on the desire of the herd Owner.

The only other "accessory" that a cow slave might "wear" are Nipple Covers, metal devices that look like miniature cymbals that are clipped onto the cow slave's nipples to keep them "safe" when not being milked, especially when in pasture. Nipple covers can have small bells
attached to them to "ring" as the cow slave's udders sway as they move about their pasture.


It is of the utmost importance that the cow slave is always reminded her status as domesticated livestock devoted to one purpose and function; the supplying of human udder milk for the consumption and use her Owner.

The cow slave must be aware that she is never to act in any other manner than a "dumb animal." She may never, under any circumstances, ever speak in words or any human-like sound, such as a sigh or a laugh. She may only make "bovine-like" sounds, such as a mooing sound and then only when she is giving milk. A cow slave may never look directly into the eyes of her Owner or any other "free" person. A cow slave, as a heifer, must never rise from her heifer-like all-fours position, except when being rounded up and coffled for pre-milking hosing down and udder inspection or in household service.

Except when in household service a cow slave is kept in a barn or an "out building" like a garage or in a bare basement that has been converted into a cow slave barn. A cow slave is never permitted to enter any "living portion" of a household except when in a milking
cage in a kitchen or pantry or as a milking serving slave.

Except when in household service or in pasture a cow slave is kept in a stall, on all fours, her head facing in to where the feeding and watering troughs are set. A cow slave may never, under any condition, touch her udders, since her udder are actually owned by the cow slave's Owner and must never be compromised for their ultimate udder milk production. If a cow slave
is found fondling her udders, or the udders of another cow slave, her arms will be pinioned behind her for a month even when put out to pasture.


A cow slave's hair is restricted to the hair on her head. It is usually not restricted and hangs free but can also be kept in a single braid or a high pony tail. A cow slave's head hair will be trimmed from time to time to allow proper growth. All other body hair is permanently removed
to make the maintenance and cleansing of the cow slave more convenient to her Owner.

A cow slave's head of hair is also a basic inconvenience to the maintenance of the herd and can be sheared off at any time. The only reason a cow slave is allowed to have any hair, even on her head, is for the convenience and pleasure of her Owner and is a privilege easily


It is very important that cow slaves are kept in good health to both maximize their udder milk output and to keep the cost of medical care to a minimum.

The cow slave's carefully controlled feeding schedule is supplemented by particular physical exercises that keep the cow slave trim and in good heath. Cow slave heifers are exercised on a daily basis, rain or shine, warm weather or cold.

In warm weather, when there is a pasture available for the cow slaves to roam, the cow slaves are put out to pasture daily from after their morning milking until the late afternoon. They are "encouraged" to roam the pasture by the cow pokes who make sure that the heifers in
pasture "keep moving" throughout the day. The cow pokes also make certain that the cow slaves do not come in contact with each other while in pasture, assuring that they will not try to engage in human conversation or any other communication.

While in pasture, heifers are culled out of the herd to be given special additional training under certain circumstances. These circumstances include the following:

1. When a cow slave is being trained for Golden Udder Milk production.

2. When a cow slave is going to utilized in household or outside rental service.

3. When a cow slave starts to gain more body weight than the veterinarian feels is healthy.

4. The month before the end of pasturing due to cold weather.

The culled heifers are placed in an upright position and lead to an oval track where they are made to trot for five laps at a time with a five minute rest between laps. The heifers are kept "at speed" by the cow pokes who are usually riding an upright pony girl, utilizing a riding crop on both the pony girl and the heifer.

In cold and inclement weather this training is accomplished on an indoor track, on the larger dairy farms or on treadmills on the smaller farms or when the cow slaves are stalled in a garage or basement.


It is of utmost importance to keep and maintain a record of a milk maid's individual output of breast milk. Of equal importance is a record of the milk maid's udder measurements.

When a cow slave is first introduced into a herd she is weighed for her whole body weight and measured as to her vertical height. Her udders are weighed separately on a small scale and are measured for their "hang length" and the circumference at the middle of the udder,
half-way between the base of the udder and the end of the nipple.

The udders are weighed and measured once a week and the body weight once a month.

The output of breast milk is recorded for each udder at each milking.

These records are entered after the cow slave's ID number and become a permanent part of each milk maid's history. This is of importance when a cow slave is put up for sale although a cow slave's milk output in never guaranteed as a guarantee of sale since milk production is too
variable for a true value purpose.

A cow slave's sale value is usually measured in a formula based on the udders' hang length, circumference and nipple length with the milk output as a separate indicator of value.

The statistics are as follows:

Owner's name, cow slave number, age in years, years and month in milk, years and months in herd, number of calves, udder hang length, udder weights (right and left), nipple length, areola width, stand up height, body weight, head hair color, skin tone, daily milk output average and grading. These statistics are maintained in a computer file and on index cards that can travel with the cow slave for easy identification.

An example of a cow slave's statistics is as follows as they would
appear on the index card:

Lady Lynda Dairy - cow slave 96-03, 24 y/o - 3y 5m, 1y 2m, 2 calves, 6.5" uhl, 48 oz
rtuw, 49 oz ltuw, 1.5" nipl, 2" arw, 5'3", 143 lbs, blond, pale wht, 32 oz, n to g

(a small ten heifer herd)

The herd is awakened at dawn by the illuminating of the barn with bright fluorescent lighting. The cow pokes come down the line of cow slave stalls with the morning feed of cold cow slave mush. As each cow slave is ladled her morning feed, the cow poke checks and adjusts the cow slave's udder harness, removing the nipple covers and tweaking the udder's nipples in preparation for the morning milking.

The cow slave must eat her morning mush quickly because as soon as the cow poke finishes the slopping and udder harness check he or she comes back down the line of stalls, removing the feeding troth and connecting the milking pumps to each of the cow slaves' waiting udders.

After the morning milking is completed the cow slaves are disconnected from the milking pumps and are backed out of their stalls for the morning washing.

In a ten heifer herd the cow slave's are close coffled into two five heifer coffles. They are attached, neck collar to neck collar, by a short length of two inch link chain so that they must "walk" with their udders pushed into the back of the cow slave in front, the face of the cow slave pushed into the back of the head of the cow slave before her.

In this close coffle they are moved to the shower area and receive their morning hosing down. As they are removed from the coffle chain each cow slave is again given a careful udder and nipple examination by the cow pokes. This is when the nipple covers are clipped onto the
cow slaves' nipples and they return to their normal "all-fours" position to either be put out to pasture, put into household service or prepared for outside milking service.

Cow slaves that require more constant milking are kept in the milking stalls and are milked, usually by breast pump, no less than once an hour to maintain their required milk production.

This morning preparation can be made even more humiliating for the cow slave since this is an activity that the Owner may invite friends or potential customers to observe.

The cow slaves that are either put into pasture or returned to their stalls will remain in that condition until it is time to prepare them for the evening milking. In preparation for the evening milking the herd is again close coffled, given their afternoon hosing, udder inspection and returned to their milking stalls, placed into their milking for the long evening milking.

After the evening milking any cow slaves that require disciplinary actions are culled from the herd and taken to the discipline barn to receive their required correction.

After the evening milking the herd is fed their evening feed of cow slave mush and cow slave veggie mix and, after a final inspection of their udder harnesses, are "bedded down" for the night in their stalls.

During the course of a typical cow slave's day she is never spoken to directly by a cow poke and, if talked about, is always spoken of in the slave third person.


It has been found that cow slaves produce more and better quality milk output when they receive regular sexual stimulation. A cow slave will receive this stimulation at least twice a day either before, during or after a milking.

The amount and type of sexual stimulation a cow slave receives in entirely based on its Owner's decision. Usually male Owners have their cow slaves stimulated by a combination of live male members used in the cow slave's mouth and cunt. Female Owners usually do not allow their cow slaves any cock and the cow slaves receive all sexual stimulation from the use various dildo devices. A cow slave is dildoed by a herder or a milker.

The lowest order of human animals are "Draft Nags." These are usually female since they are mainly "recruited" from cow slave herds at the end of a cow slave's acceptable milk production life when they are not suitable to be re-trained as pony girls

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Re: The Care and Keeping of Hu-Cows
September 30, 2010
Where in the HELL did you find this? I hope it's a joke, but one can never tell!!!!!:gross

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Re: The Care and Keeping of Hu-Cows
September 30, 2010
This seemed like a satire at first.

Then it sounded like an extravagant fetish fantasy.

Now this is getting SCARY!openmouthed shock
Re: The Care and Keeping of Hu-Cows
September 30, 2010
Sure this isn't a gubmint manual?

two cents ¢¢


people (especially women) do not give ONE DAMN about what they inflict on children
and I defy anyone to prove me wrong:

The selfish wants of adults outweigh the needs of the child.

If I want to hear the pitter-patter of little feet I'll put shoes on my pets.

Mankind and its needs (wants) are like unto a black hole. It devours all available resources and it never is full: it merely grows larger and demands more.

Definition of 'wealthy': Anyone who makes more/has more than you do.

Someone pointed out that I'm a realist. And all along I thought I was just a pessimist crossed with a cynic.

Entitlement, thy name is mooooooooooooooo

"Fathom the hypocrisy of a government that requires every citizen to prove
they are insured... but not everyone must prove they are a citizen.
Add to this that, many of those who refuse or are unable to prove they are
citizens, will receive free insurance paid for by those who are.""

I am confused enough already. I do not need outside help.
Re: The Care and Keeping of Hu-Cows
September 30, 2010
Are you into Gor or something?
Re: The Care and Keeping of Hu-Cows
September 30, 2010
Seriously. Stopped reading after paragraph 2.
Re: The Care and Keeping of Hu-Cows
September 30, 2010
I googled and entered an alternative universe. Thank you, I know that Cthulhu waits for us all...but I didn't know he was also into bondage! I will accept our dark overlords when they come (um), but in the meantime let us have our innocence, please.
Re: The Care and Keeping of Hu-Cows
September 30, 2010
Who thought this shit up?!! Couldn't get past the 2nd paragraph either.


- The human gene pool could use a little chlorine
Re: The Care and Keeping of Hu-Cows
September 30, 2010
I just stumbled across that while looking up human udders for funny pictures. I did an actual google search on hu-cows and there are some crazy people out there. Guess you can call it a type of cult fiction.

If you want to delve deeper, here you go.
Sarah's First Selection

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Re: The Care and Keeping of Hu-Cows
September 30, 2010

When I'm bored one night and can't sleep anyway, because that site would give me bad dreams, I am going to read these topics out of SHEER morbid curiosity:

1)Tentacles, tendrils, and anything that is flexible and designed to slip into wonderfully willing orifices
2)Monsters and humans eating other monsters and humans. The final end for most living things, it still can be as sensual or violent as anything else.
3)Stories of monster rape, violence, and murder.
4)Intersexed Horse

5)"Face fucking", although it only has two comments with the following being the most intriguing:

"...Mmm, lovely. I know that I enjoy that feeling of choking and light-headness, but I really haven't found too many lovers who I feel comfortable doing that. Well, and thick and long enough to really fuck my throat......"

waving hellolarious Maybe I am a prude or something, but some of these topics and the whole post about "hu-cows" is just strange.

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Re: The Care and Keeping of Hu-Cows
September 30, 2010
I have to say that PETA's version is much worst (and yes, this is really made by PETA):

View the 'Milk Gone Wild' Banned TV Spot
Watch more videos at MilkGoneWild.com.

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Re: The Care and Keeping of Hu-Cows
September 30, 2010
PETA just goes WAY overboard on everything. Back in the 80's I was a PETA supporter, but they just kept getting more political, more outrageous in their "causes", and finally it got to the point that ethical treatment for animals didn't even seem to be their focus anymore. Now, they seem more like a cult than a legitimate animal rights group.

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If YOU are the "exception" to what I am saying, then why does my commentary bother you so much?
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Re: The Care and Keeping of Hu-Cows
October 01, 2010
That is just...sick. (The second video).

lab mom
Re: The Care and Keeping of Hu-Cows
September 14, 2012
The hucow concept is kind of exciting in a D/s scenario. But when you post a video showing slaughtering, it kind of screws the whole works up.

Anxiety Gardens by Amber, has some pretty hawt toons on the hucow fantasy. I think it could be fun under the right settings.
Re: The Care and Keeping of Hu-Cows
September 15, 2012
Sorry I don't get the connection between GOR and D/s
Re: The Care and Keeping of Hu-Cows
September 15, 2012
Sorry I don't get the connection between GOR and D/s

Please find something better to do than troll two year old threads. I think out of any topic on bratfree this one takes the cake for disgusting. It's also creepy as hell to know you're turned on by it.
Re: The Care and Keeping of Hu-Cows
September 15, 2012
Since this thread is already back in Zombie-unlife: Hailey, Gor is an extremely bizarre and X-rated series based on an entire planet where legally-enforced D/s occurs, and women are all subs... Some crazy sh** like that, I think. These people hace sprung up and made their own corner in a chat program I use fainting
Re: The Care and Keeping of Hu-Cows
September 18, 2012
Kind of a shallow opinion. We all have our kinks who are you to pass judgement?

Darth, Thanx for your insight. but i was merely looking for more information or groups associated to the kink. What is the chat program you are speaking about?

thanx again

Mod note: I've read several of the Gor novels. The advocation of extreme violence against women, advocation of rape and intimate partner violence that is expressed in the Gor novels is not accecptable at Bratfree. I would suggest a review of rule 5.

Since several of the mods have have worked in one manner or another with the victims of rape and intimate partner violence we have the standing to pass judgment. If you are looking to do violence keep it off this board.
Re: The Care and Keeping of Hu-Cows
September 18, 2012
Kind of a shallow opinion. We all have our kinks who are you to pass judgement?

Darth, Thanx for your insight. but i was merely looking for more information or groups associated to the kink. What is the chat program you are speaking about?

thanx again

If the idea of being forced into submission and/or being forcibly kept as a dairy source turns you on you are in serious need of therapy. What the good god damn hell went wrong in your life to make these things turn ons to you? Never mind, I don't want to know. You make me sick enough to suck a bottle of whiskey at warp speed.

I admit I'm not an innocent virgin. There are very few kinks I haven't heard of but those two shock even me. I don't want to think of them any more than I have to. Please go away now. I'd like to keep down the whiskey I'm sucking thanks to you.

If you are looking for information on this please look elsewhere. You have no right to try and turn our forum into a place for your sickening hang ups.

Mods, may we bring down the ban hammer on this Hailey freak??? Please, pretty please, with sugar and cherries on top??? I'd sleep a lot better knowing I didn't have to see this topic on the front page ever again.
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