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Just plain love?

Posted by catharsist 
Re: Just plain love?
December 21, 2012
Watching old movies
Cat love
Writing, even if no one else reads it
Reading, most anything EXCEPT romance types of novels
Documentaries about most anything
Home made macaroni and cheese
The soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever
Classical music
Lone walks in nature
A good laugh
Feeling clean after a shower and resting on fresh linens
Room service with a full menu and available at any hour
Hotel staff who honor the "do not disturb" sign
Bad weather of most any type, including tornadic, thunder storms, snow, etc.....as long as it doesn't cause damage or make the power go out and ESPECIALLY when it storms at the beach
Undisturbed naps
Long and always interesting conversations with my genius husband
Making(earning) money, or better, winning it or an unexpected windfall
Almost any Italian food
Watching someone experience joy who I have helped to make happy
Revenge makes me ecstatic
The middle of the night/very early in the morning while it's still dark

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If YOU are the "exception" to what I am saying, then why does my commentary bother you so much?
I don't hate your kids, I HATE YOU!
Re: Just plain love?
April 16, 2013
One of my favorite things to do is check into a hotel, turn on the air conditioner, listen to the drone of the motor, and read the local phone book.

DW laughs at me every time we take a trip and I do that.

Re: Just plain love?
April 16, 2013
I love funky, vintage collectibles and furniture, especially mid-century stuff.
I love sleeping as late as I wish, since my job doesn't have set hours.
I love getting dressed up and looking fabulous to go out for a night on the town.
I love my birds and fish. :emoheart
I love smoking cigars and sipping brandy at the end of a long night of phone work.
I love the Bratfree Board! grinning smiley
I love popsicles.
I love shopping, even window shopping.
I love people who have a great sense of humor.
I love animals.
Re: Just plain love?
April 16, 2013

Here's some pix of my Mechanical Pet which I just mentioned elsewhere ~


I have the red hard top. It's WAY COOL! Super fast and turns heads. Everyone asks about it, not many were imported to the US / NA.

Just got a compliment on it earlier, gal in a Minivan at the gas station said - I LOVE YOUR CAR!

Yes it's AWESOME! smiling smiley

I could blather on for pages on cars, and for all the things I'd like to acquire or make / modify - your eyes would glaze over, guaranteed!

How about a shout out to my personal Doctors! More expensive then Brain Surgeons! No, they're not that bad. I found a good shop here.

I need a fully stocked garage to do my own stuff - does anyone have a giant bag of money they could give me? grinning smiley

Ah, I'm lazy too, these evil creatures always wind up costing you in any way, do not become addicted to the touchy weird cars!

It's a bad habit! You Kids! Here! (shakes fist, LOL) - stay away from this! Crack smoking would be a better pass time - cheaper and less dangerous grinning smiley

The Crossfire rules!

My Loves-

Watching movies
Creating my art (jewelry, handmade cards)
Taking photos
Cars (mostly muscle and classics)
Iced Tea w/ a slice of lemon
My furry boy cat (Magnum)
Peace and quiet
Gazing at the sky and checking out the cool clouds
The beach
The ocean
Walking in nature
Re: Just plain love?
April 18, 2013
I love the feeling of dried newly washed hair.
Hot baths
Harveys seatbelt bags (hate the breeder fanbase)
Matching accessories
Ice cream with large chunks
Designer laptops (I have the Vivienne Tam Peony and HP Dandelion Breeze)
Reusable shopping bags
Taking pictures
Staying up late
Online shopping
The royal family
Good grammar
Eco friendly
Purple Passion plant
Rose Bushes (I hate fresh cut roses)
Bath Salts (the Epsom variety)
Childfree adults (this site is the only refuge away from the breeding world)
Bratfree because TCFL is boring
Re: Just plain love?
April 18, 2013
I'm going to be flamed for this but there are a few things I'm embarrased to admit I like.

Happy Meals. They're small enough to eat while driving and the toy car meant for toadlers makes the cats happy.

Blowing bubbles for my cats. Aries will sit back and let them pop on his nose. Elrond likes to chase them down.

Count Chocula cereal.

Eeyore. That sad little donkey is adorable. Tigger is an asshole and Eeyore makes up for that.

The classic cartoons I grew up with. Scooby Doo, Flintstones, and the Jetsons. I still watch Hub and Boomerang.

Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional. I also don't need kids to act like one. I'll live by those two sayings until the day I die.
Re: Just plain love?
April 18, 2013
I won't flame you for your likes satansbitch...they sound perfectly reasonable to me. And many adult fast food meals are so huge and have so many calories, a kiddie meal is perfect for when you don't want to eat that much.
Re: Just plain love?
April 18, 2013
I won't flame you for your likes satansbitch...they sound perfectly reasonable to me. And many adult fast food meals are so huge and have so many calories, a kiddie meal is perfect for when you don't want to eat that much.

Thank you. My husband thinks I've gone insane any time I order one. I admit getting a kick out of his WTF reaction.
Re: Just plain love?
April 18, 2013
Blowing bubbles for my cats. Aries will sit back and let them pop on his nose. Elrond likes to chase them down.

Our black cat Derp really likes it when we do this, too. (Yes, that is her real name.) She will stare at them like she has no idea WTF they are at first and then she will go psycho trying to chase them down before they hit the ground and pop. Then when she pops them with her paws she looks around to see where the bubbles went. bouncing and laughing
Re: Just plain love?
May 04, 2013
You know what's utterly loveworthy? That feeling you get when you've woken up in the morning with a start, thinking you're late for work, and then you remember - it's the weekend. Then you go back to sleep. smile rolling left rightsmile

Another great feeling is finally returning to your own bed after being away from home for a while.


"The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who haven't got it."
George Bernard Shaw

"An oyster can play catch if u only give it the oprotunity"
Some random YouTube commenter

"hate comments will be deleted!! fuckers!"
Some random YouTube uploader

Re: Just plain love?
May 05, 2013
Hello Kitty
NFL football
Cheap pink wine
Tony Stewart
My sweet, funny cat
My sweet, funny husband
My computer
My iphone
My ipad
My awesome family, who never once asked any questions about my child free status
Re: Just plain love?
May 07, 2013
Parking like an asshole. I've been meaning to nominate myself for the site you park like an asshole.com. I admit getting a real kick out of it. Yesterday morning one of the maintenance guys asked if I would move my truck because someone had trouble getting around me. If the person having trouble is some idiot duh with his screaming cunt drops and screeching harpy of a wife I admit I just don't give a good god damn if he can't get his RV into this RV park. This place is probably better off without them anyway. Maybe I'm living up to my screen name when I do that.
Re: Just plain love?
May 10, 2013
One of my favorite things to do is check into a hotel, turn on the air conditioner, listen to the drone of the motor, and read the local phone book.

DW laughs at me every time we take a trip and I do that.


The last few times I went on a business trip, I spent some time reading the local phone directory. You never know what you are going to find.

Re: Just plain love?
September 28, 2013
Things I love:

Dark Chocolate...call me weird but I can't stand milk chocolate. Dark however :drool
My Keurig.....I will KILL the person trying to take that if I am ever robbed...plus it makes the enviromoos pissed because of the little one use cups so bonus!
My cats
My computers....usually
Horror movies
Good music
Making glass beads....usually
A clean house
My job for the most part
My grandmother, great aunt and aunt for turning me into the twisted little being I am today grinning smiley
Watching Karma bite someone in the ass
Real Italian food
Yes I do watch cartoons....I'm a nerd I know
Going to Target just to browse.....It's the only store around here where I can actually shop without being closed in by chyldrens
The smell of laundry in the washer
Being able to stay home on the weekends with nothing to do
And of course.....I LOVE not having KYDS!
Re: Just plain love?
October 03, 2013
My man who just moved away
Snuggles on the couch under a blanket with my sweetie
Sleeping all wrapped up in a spooning oven of death with my man (he loves it too)
Touching clothes as I walk through a department store (I’m very tactile)
Spending an entire weekend watching a tv series on DVD
Snowy, windy days with lots of flurries and fat flakes
The smell of a roast cooking in the house
Curling up with a good book
Bathing. I love it.
Watching my mother give the dogs attention, she’s so cute
Hot stone massages
Creepy tales and spooky stories
Haunted places
A sudden burst of wind on a grey Fall day that whips the leaves around
The beach, especially pink sand in Bermuda
The ocean, being on it
Riding a scooter. Holy shit those things are fun!
Views from the top of a mountain
Pine forests with little creeks running through them
Following mountain paths
Rocky Mountain wildflowers. The best.
Iron pyrite
National parks like Yellowstone that have bitchin stuff
Anything Native-American in nature, jewelry, pottery, dances, clothing, culture, etc.
Skeletons and little skulls, especially on jewelry or clothing
Dia de Los Muertos and the folk art that goes with it
Black clothing
Drusy quartz
Dinosaur skeletons
Evolution and scientific writings
Bird watching
Farmer’s markets with all the beautiful vegetables and flowers
Re: Just plain love?
October 04, 2013
The way my cat Joey licks and nuzzles my forehead when he's feeling lovey.

The first cup of coffee in the morning.

That glow -y feeling you get from a good workout.

Taking a long drive and singing along with my iPod at the top of my lungs.

Long hot baths with a good book.
Anonymous User
Re: Just plain love?
October 04, 2013
Walking through craft stores or farmer's markets, even if I don't buy anything. The sights and smells are always exciting!

When the cat "twirly purrs" (= that one where they purr both inhaling and exhaling, traveling up and down the scale as they do so)

How cool and quiet the world is about 15 minutes before dawn... it's peaceful and anything seems possible.

Getting snoogled on by the DH. I am so blessed I've finally found the Real Thing. :emoheart

So many other little things! And it really is the little, often not-so-celebrated things that actually matter...
Anonymous User
Re: Just plain love?
September 15, 2020
Reading a good book or fanfiction.

The rain. Its even better when I can sit out on the covered porch with a hot drink and enjoy it.

Walking through the detergent and candle isles in a store just to enjoy all the wonderful scents.

Listening to my music.

My mom's german shepherd, Jenna-Ray. She's a big fluffy angel.

https://photos.app.goo.gl/V9zA6scFpDhr93D88 (There she is) smiling smiley
Watching old or classic movies. (Rocky Horror Picture Show or Singin' in the rain, anyone?)
Re: Just plain love?
October 02, 2020
It's so nice to see this thread resurrected. smiling smiley

Things I love:

My pets (furry, finned and feathered)
My house
Any type of cheesecake
Anything orange-cream flavored

Right now that's all I can think of.
Re: Just plain love?
October 11, 2020
I love this Sheba cat commercial.

All the more because it makes the Breeders on YouTube foam at the mouth.
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