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Fliiiies! FUCKING FRUIT FLIES! GAAAAAH!!! angry smiley

Posted by Dorisan 
Re: Fliiiies! FUCKING FRUIT FLIES! GAAAAAH!!! angry smiley
October 17, 2014
If breeders have their way, that is the future. I have read many articles about how to make insects palatable to westerners in order to deal with food shortages. They should instead be working on a way to make childfreedom palatable to the masses. If we do something about overpopulation, perhaps it won't be necessary to feast on flies.

I actually have eaten some insects, out of curiosity. They're a part of some cusines so that's not as gross as it sounds. Anyhow, I wasn't keen on it; I'd much rather envision a world where it is a choice rather than a necessity. So how about you lay off the breeding, breeders? Or do you like the thought of eating cockroaches?
Re: Fliiiies! FUCKING FRUIT FLIES! GAAAAAH!!! angry smiley
October 17, 2014
There are currently 17 regular size (some slightly larger) flies trapped between my glass and my window screen. This has been going on for several days, and I've got no clue how to get rid of them.
Re: Fliiiies! FUCKING FRUIT FLIES! GAAAAAH!!! angry smiley
July 23, 2015
Put a couple of drops of a dish soap, into a little plastic cup. Pour about two to three fingers of apple vinegar, the stinky kind. Leave around cups of these stuff. Every week or so, pour more vinegar; this will regularly attract them.
Make sure you don't leave food laying around, and make sure your trash is sealed.

" ... what's one more once you've already got two shedding on the couch?"
Re: Fliiiies! FUCKING FRUIT FLIES! GAAAAAH!!! angry smiley
July 30, 2015
I've had a number of these flies this year; my cats' water dish has caught a bunch. LOL. I had a box of mushrooms on my counter that went bad and the little fuckers were in fact reproducing in it. Apparently they really love mushrooms. No joke, the mushrooms looked like corpses as the flies had their way with them.

I made a trap out of a jar and a paper cone. Some success with it, as I filled it with wine and a banana. They loved the wine and the banana. Some escaped because my paper cone wasn't secure enough to the edge of the jar. But the concept was good! Someone needs to invent an actual jar/cone fruit fly trap, not just a dumb strip.

One of our local branches at work had a problem with flies last month, fruit flies mostly. They were EVERYWHERE and they were HORRIBLE. Some dumb shithead that works at that branch is collecting all of the coffee grounds we use in a bucket under the sink. That seems to have been a major source of flies, I discovered. I told the process manager to tell that guy to take his fucking grounds HOME. A coworker dropped a plastic ziploc bag of donuts on my desk and within minutes there were 20 fruit flies landing on the bag. WTF?! I think they like donuts. Who can blame them.

I tried a fly strip (we sell them so all I had to do was take a box out of stock) but it didn't catch a single fly and got stuck both on my clothes and in my hair. No bueno and that shit's awful.

So yeah, wine and a banana, or mushrooms, or coffee grounds apparently, in a container that they can fly into but not out of.
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