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Accomplishments of Feminists - Why We DO Need Feminism

Posted by redheadedharlot 
Accomplishments of Feminists - Why We DO Need Feminism
January 24, 2015
Was poking through the archives one day, bored, killing time, when I ran upon this one:

I Don't Need Feminism thread

It just blew my mind at some of the things they said they had, so didn't need feminism, not even realizing the things they said they had were won for them by feminists fighting for it, such as being equal to men/their male spouse, and having their say of who they are, not needing someone to back them up, and being taken seriously. Plenty stereotypical ones along the lines of "I don't want to be a feminist because I like make-up, dresses, and being pretty". Well, so do I, but that doesn't make me any less of a feminist. The point with appearance isn't "you can't dress up", it's "you're not required to dress up if you don't want to". All of the girls looked SO young. I think a big part of their thoughts is that all of the basic things that feminists fought for women to have, they see as being just universal rights that everyone has just always had, and they are just clueless.

Got to thinking about it, and came up with a long list of basic everyday things that feminism fought hard to establish for women. The first three on the list came from posts in the above thread. The rest occurred to me, and I really didn't have to think all that hard.

Can you add to my list?

Have you ever...

1. Voted

2. Owned property

3. Held credit in your name, or your own bank/financial account

4. Used birth control

5. Held a job

6. Spoke your mind with the valid expectation to be heard

7. Chose your manner of dress

8. Lived alone

9. Had legal recourse to rape

10. Had legal recourse to domestic violence

11. Been able to file for divorce

12. Had full input upon the manner of rearing your children, instead of "father knows best"

13. Managed any part of the household budget/finances

14. Been able to buy a dress/personal item without having to ask for permission

15. Been able to drive

16. Had legal equality against discrimination, such as workplace discrimination/harassment
"We need a man in that position"

17. Had say in having children or not

18. Had legal right to your children in a divorce

19. Worked in a "man's job", i.e. anything other than a nurse or teacher

20. Pursued higher education

21. Had legal protections in divorce, such as child support

22. Had the legal right to choose abortion
For the anti-choice, having the legal right to NOT choose abortion over a man forcing it on you

23. Had the right to remarry, while the husband that divorced you does so

24. Been able to join the military

25. Enter into a legal contract, other than marriage

26. Been able to own a business

27. Had the freedom to make your views known, such as activist, protesting, and campaigning

28. Made your own medical decisions

29. Had a sexual harassment claim taken seriously

30. Been able to have access to the computer and the freedom to make a list and post like this
Re: Accomplishments of Feminists - Why We DO Need Feminism
January 25, 2015
I swear some women have zero brains in their skulls. They would not have anything if it were not for feminists. But, yet they run from the word "feminist" like it is tainted with Ebola or something!

"I have found little that is 'good' about human beings on the whole. In my experience most of them are trash, no matter whether they publicly subscribe to this or that ethical doctrine or to none at all."
~Sigmund Freud
I'm a feminist, and I don't shy away from the term like many others do. Yes, I do get stares and shocked reactions when I claim this fact, and guess what? Most, if not all of these reactions come from women, especially wannamoos. And yes, of course they proudly exercise their right to vote, and have bank accounts and credit cards in their names.the world 'fail' on flames
I have extremely low tolerance for bullshit and hypocrisy.
mob with pitchforks chasing anothermob
Re: Accomplishments of Feminists - Why We DO Need Feminism
March 12, 2015
Ha! They can claim all day long they don't need feminism until their wallet departs. Then they'll expect INSTANT rights to a good paying job, etc. instead of working their way up. All the sudden they'll expect most of the things on this list to be handed to them since they BRED.

Besides all those moos look like they're not even of legal age yet. Still living at home with their parents with no concept of the real world other than how to get pregnant.
Re: Accomplishments of Feminists - Why We DO Need Feminism
April 06, 2015
If women don't want to avail themselves of the benefits of feminism they are free decline these options. I'm not sure why they are so offended if others make different choices.
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