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Crowdsourcing to pay off debt

Posted by Cambion 
Re: Crowdsourcing to pay off debt
August 08, 2015
Please don't. If you have dept in your name it is because you acquired it at the age of majority. I would not give money to such a thing outside of a confirmed disabling illness. Every person who defaults on loans drives up the cost for everyone else. If you live at home and have no car your expenses should be limited. Get a job, or a couple of part time jobs and pay off your debt. Crowd sourcing or defaulting for decisions you later regret are very much like breeder actions. You are so much better than that.
Re: Crowdsourcing to pay off debt
August 10, 2015
I think we might have to agree to disagree, evilchildlessbitch. I'm going to assume you've never been trapped under crippling, inescapable debt with terrible interest rates and a balance that never, ever goes down. It's something I wouldn't wish on anyone, and I personally feel that I shouldn't have to suffer for the rest of my life with a financial burden I can never pay off and that I never wanted.

Plus, I can honestly say I can't afford to care about what everyone else pays for their loans and how my not paying on mine will affect them. I know that's a dick thing to say, but it's the truth; I'm not going to live in poverty my whole life just so some stranger's loans won't be more expensive.

I'll pay on the federal loans, sure, but my private lender is horrible and if sky-high costs can prevent other people from taking out loans with them, then my eventual defaulting will not be in vain.
Re: Crowdsourcing to pay off debt
August 10, 2015
To pay for my post secondary schooling, I lived in complete poverty (ie bare survival level with no extras at all ) for about 15 years ( before, during and after my education).
I also alternated between semesters off school, (working several jobs full-time and part-time at 60-100 hrs a week) and semesters in school (full time classes and working part-time at 60-100 hrs a week).

This pattern lessened the debt and gave me current and useful work experience and references.

My observations about students who had other people or organizations pay for their entire education made me feel very strongly in having the student work to pay for their own education.
Re: Crowdsourcing to pay off debt
August 10, 2015
But Cambion isn't going about this the way a breeder would. She's offering services in turn for a donation, or payment. Breeders just offer a sob story and expect the money to come rolling in (or in Shauna Ahern's case, promise services but never follow through). It gives her a chance to do something she enjoys and is good at and is like opening an Etsy store, except less of a pain in the ass.

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Re: Crowdsourcing to pay off debt
August 10, 2015
paragon schnitzophonic
But Cambion isn't going about this the way a breeder would. She's offering services in turn for a donation, or payment. Breeders just offer a sob story and expect the money to come rolling in (or in Shauna Ahern's case, promise services but never follow through). It gives her a chance to do something she enjoys and is good at and is like opening an Etsy store, except less of a pain in the ass.

I agree. Selling things or offering services is a job. I am just giving my opinion, and I would venture the opinion of people she will come into contact with, that I am not giving money to people to pay off debt they acquired willingly. Medical bills or falling on hard times due to a death, disability or sudden job loss due to the economy are one thing as they are beyond a person's control. I have had to live on a shoestring. When I got out of college, I was paying my rent, food, electric, water, car insurance, employee portion of health insurance already and then my car engine blew up and I had to buy another car so that heaped on top of it.
I actually had to get a second job to pay off the car and it was by no means new.
All I am saying is that with no expenses, I think it makes more sense to look into working even a few part time Jobs as well as working with the lender to lower the payment. Most people are breeders who are up to their eyeballs in kid expenses as well as a house payment, two car payments, utilities, insurance and their own student loan debt who won't be eager to hand over money to pay another person's debt. I don't even visit crowdsourcing places anymore because to even find a worthy cause or person trying to start a business requires wading through 50 posts of people wanting free money to pay bills.
Re: Crowdsourcing to pay off debt
August 11, 2015
I am currently attempting to negotiate a lower payment with my lender, but they don't seem to be interested in working with me. And I'm still waiting on the documentation I asked for proving the debt is valid.

I am also looking for a job. I have to call the employment agency back because they said they would last week when they got their computer systems fixed (and could enter my address), but they never did. I did have an interview today, but I don't think I got the job and I can't say I'm too upset over it because it would involve working with brats. As badly as I need a job, I refuse to work directly with children. I don't care how broke I am, I hate kids and cannot work with them. I can't even stand to be around them for fleeting moments in public, let alone working with them closely. I would sooner go back to the call center and get verbally abused by my cunt piggo boss before I'd work with kids. So here's hoping I can find something via the employment agency and/or newspaper ads.

Also, I may have minimal expenses right now, but I don't intend to live here forever, so I will eventually have living expenses like the average person. There's no way I'd find a job in this area and with my lack of work experience that would pay enough to allow me to afford rent, utilities, car insurance, food and loan payments. I know, I know, you're gonna say look outside the area... I'm kinda stuck here until I can afford my own vehicle and drive myself somewhere else. So something vaguely resembling a plan is to find a job I can deal with, save up $$$ for my own car, then start expanding to work opportunities out of town.

Honestly, why the fuck's it so hard to just find a job I can tolerate where I don't want to murder every single person I look at on a daily basis? I've given up on the concept of a dream job because, frankly, I have no idea if there is anything (practical) I would actually like to do for a living. I'm fine with something I can simply tolerate.

And as far as crowdsourcing, one thing I would like to do is try and get my loans (even if just the private ones) paid off, and then start a second campaign to help other people with their debts. Like donating to Rolling Jubilee or similar legit student debt forgiveness organizations.
Re: Crowdsourcing to pay off debt
August 11, 2015
If the economy is tight where you live, you may have to accept a job you don't like just to get work experience.
It may sound like a dumb question but do you have access to public transportation where you live? I grew up in a small area that didn't even have bus or cab service (although I know cabs are fairly cost prohibitive).
Re: Crowdsourcing to pay off debt
August 11, 2015
Sadly, I also live in a small town with minimal public transportation. There are cabs, but since I live out in no man's land, it would cost at least $20 round trip each day to get downtown. Otherwise, no buses or subways or anything. Plus, there's construction happening a little ways down the road from me that'll be going on for about six weeks, meaning all traffic into town and out to the country has to go around the other way through the wilderness, which would probably add an extra 5 bucks per cab ride.

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Re: Crowdsourcing to pay off debt
August 11, 2015
Ugh, that is a challenge.
I would just take a job, any job you can get, multiple jobs if you need them and make getting a car a priority.
I know it sucks but it seems like transportation is the first key to independence from your mother. Also, even crap job experience is better than none. Sometimes just a reference that can say you show up when scheduled and aren't an asshole helps.
I also second something like the military, Peace Corps, AmeriCorps or other year or 2 year program. Not only will this give you independence and job experience, but it will also help reduce your debt.
I think getting a car and getting some sort of job, any sort of job, will give you some help toward getting the job you really want as well as independence.
Re: Crowdsourcing to pay off debt
August 15, 2015
The reality is, you're not in a position to refuse certain jobs like childcare, waiting tables, etc. because you don't like it. A job is a job, and once you you have one, you can move on to working toward escalating toward the next steps.

If I were you, I'd do something like this:

1) take a job, whatever you can get, no matter how shitty
2) once you have a job, get a certificate from a community college that will make you employable. Something where it's like 3 classes and a test and boom you're done. Think HR certification, some type of database/tech skill, etc. Call the employment agency and ask what would make you the most marketable.
3) Once you have said certification, and experience from the shitty job, go back to the job agency and see what you can level up to. Try and find a more sustainable job.

Also, BUY A PEOPLE SKILLS BOOK that will help you do well in interviews. Buy a book about how to succeed in sales. Even if your job has nothing to do with sales, the info about how to come across as confident, competent and professionally assertive will help you to do better with making impressions in interviews and landing jobs.

Also, volunteer. If you're not working, you have the time, and volunteer jobs often lead to real jobs. Do it at somewhere with lots of varied opportunities, like a hospital.
Re: Crowdsourcing to pay off debt
August 16, 2015
I know I can't be picky about the job(s) I take right now, but that doesn't mean I'm not gonna bitch about how much they suck. smiling smiley

Community college is out of the question for many reasons, unfortunately. One, no way to get there; the closest one to me is still pretty far away, though it is a good school. Two, can't really make much of online courses because I have a shitty connection (and so don't the local libraries). Three, no money for classes. Four, I will not take out more loans no matter how helpful community college might be. I am not going further into debt. Would I like to go to community college? Sure, I'd like to be certified in something office-related, computer-related, or medical (like technician, not nurse or doctor). It's just not in the cards. The only way I would go is if an employer paid for it in full. Maybe in the future if I can afford it, I'll give it a shot. But right now? Nopes all around.

This might sound silly, but I'm also wondering if something like a motorcycle or a moped would be a more practical transportation option since they might be more affordable. I would just have to worry about how the fuck I'd drive it in the snow out in the country.

I think maybe the key to acing interviews is to not give a shit. Every time I've applied and interviewed for a job I wanted, I didn't get it. I didn't put forth any effort for this library job interview and I got hired. Maybe not seeming overly desperate makes you more employable. Don't sing praises about the company - make them feel like they need you, not that you need them. Or something.

I hate having to say why some options won't work, but more college is just gonna have to be a big fat NO. That's a definite.
Re: Crowdsourcing to pay off debt
August 20, 2015
Are you good with budgeting and managing money?

Start generating some revenue by selling your art, selling your high-value stuff, or whatever else. Have two goals to save for: 1) enough money to get a certification in something employable from a community college, like healthcare tech, and 2) enough money to get a cheap moped or whatever you'd need to get to your jobs/college independently.

Have you seen a therapist/counselor? There should be some type of free service in your area. Even someone like a career advisor. They could help you get your shit together and give you a plan to gain some control and dig out of the hole.

People won't want to pay for a kickstarter that involves a really high level of debt, but if it's $5,000 to get a certification and cheap transportation, you'd have more luck I bet. Why not do your original plan toward that?
Re: Crowdsourcing to pay off debt
August 20, 2015
If by good at budgeting, you mean I don't spend more money than I have, then yes.

Selling art is harder than it sounds because most people don't want to pay me anything for my art. Some do, most do not. I also have next to nothing of significant value - almost everything I have is second-hand and obsolete (VHS movies, tube TV, etc.), so even if I did sell some things, I wouldn't be getting a noticeable amount for them. No sense sacrificing what little enjoyment in life I have for a couple measly dollars.

Plus, with having to pay student debt each month, I don't even know if there would be anything left over to save. I did hear back from my lender and they're only willing to offer me a payment plan that I specifically said I did not want (interest-only payments are horse shit). So I'm thinking I should either just quit paying or send them what I can afford to send them and tell them to fuck off if they call me demanding more.

I have not seen any kind of counselor because there is nothing free or even low-cost/sliding-fee in my area. I've looked - there's the expensive-as-fuck hospital and all the separate clinics around here are owned by the hospital and charge the same high prices. The closest to career advisers are the local employment agency and they're kinda useless, to be honest.
Re: Crowdsourcing to pay off debt
August 24, 2015
Cambion, a lot of community college have grant-funded training for non-credit courses. Your county's employment office may be able to help.
Re: Crowdsourcing to pay off debt
August 24, 2015
The nearest community college to me is still pretty far away and I would have no way to get there, nor could I stay on campus because I'd have to drive back here for work. Plus, with my crappy internet, I don't think online classes will be worth a damn for me either. Like I said, more college is just really not in the cards for a lot of reasons. The town employment office doesn't really do anything with getting people into college either - they're more about finding the local dropouts factory jobs.

Plus, I don't know if I could even get grants with all the money I owe for college, or if I would get accepted with two existing degrees.
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