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Should I be happy or embarrased? PA not baby friendly

Posted by mr. neptune 
Should I be happy or embarrased? PA not baby friendly
October 08, 2015
PA is not a good place for babies, this according to Planned Parenthood (and I thought they were about NOT having babies). My comments in blue

Pennsylvania was recently ranked dead last in a nationwide poll for baby-friendliness.sad smileysmoking smileyconfused smiley

Well, is that really so bad, considering how overpopulated the world is?

It's no wonder how we found ourselves at the bottom of the list. Without protections in place, employers in PA can legally deny pregnant women the ability to carry a water bottle and aren't required to provide employees with a private sanitary space to pump breast milk.

But don't they pump anywhere? Like the way some women have babies anywhere?

But there's good news! Tomorrow, a legislative committee will hear testimony on two bills which would ensure reasonable workplace accommodations for pregnant and nursing mothers. Here's where you come in. If you have ever had a positive or negative experience as a pregnant or nursing mother in the workplace -- please tell us! Your story will be delivered to legislators who will decide if this important legislation moves forward!

An astonishing 82% of Pennsylvania's General Assembly are men (yeah, I know, we would grow babies in a lava lamp in the garage if we had to) -- which is why it's critical that they hear first-hand what it's like working while pregnant or nursing as they decide whether or not to support these measures.

These hearings mean lawmakers are listening, what do you want to tell them?
In solidarity,
Lindsey Mauldin
Field Director for Planned Parenthood PA Association, Advocates, & PAC
Re: Should I be happy or embarrased? PA not baby friendly
October 09, 2015
Planned Parenthood is not about not having babies. They are about babies being planned. They do sexual health care and women's health in general. I wish they weren't doing this, though.
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