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My Bitch MIL and Moo's Day

Posted by MerlynHerne 
My Bitch MIL and Moo's Day
May 08, 2016
Well, my bitch MIL did it AGAIN. White Wolf asked her what she wanted for Moo's Day and she asked if WW would clean house. OK, whatever. But would she have her do it when she's going out there during the week? Nope, WW has to burn extra gas to run out there and do it on goddamned Moo's Day because Broom Hilda (as I affectionately refer to her) wants it done today and not when it's convenient for WW to do it. They invited me for dinner but I had WW tell them I was sick (I'm actually not feeling well, but not really sick enough to call it sick).

This is why I hate this Moo's Day shit. Especially since Broom Hilda wouldn't DREAM of making it simple and convenient. Of course not! She's a MOOOOO.

Am I being unreasonable to expect that MIL could think of others for once or am I being bitchy?
Re: My Bitch MIL and Moo's Day
May 09, 2016
I feel holidays make people feel incredibly entitled.
Re: My Bitch MIL and Moo's Day
May 10, 2016
Agreed. I understood the part that she can't clean like she could when she was still well. It just got me pissed that she picked Moo's day to have WW come over. I feel she could have had WW do it when she came by to do her biweekly massage. Oh well.
Re: My Bitch MIL and Moo's Day
May 11, 2016
To women like that, the gift doesn't count unless it's delivered/done on the calendar holiday. The older women in my family were like that. They'd tell their sons they wanted yard work done for them as MD presents. Since some of those men had wives and kids, they'd say "I want to spend MD with Wife and our kids. How about I come over and do the yard on Saturday?" With a long-suffering *sigh* the old bat would reply "oh well, never mind then. If you can't do the yard for me as a real present (ie - on MD, not before or after), then don't bother." What followed was the dude trying to compromise, telling his wife that it would only take a few hours to do Mom's yard, he'd be home in plenty of time to grill. In reality, Mom would micro-manage the yard chores to an extent that her son was there most of the day, making for a very pissed spouse.
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