grrrr my aquaintences autard wife is jealous of their new dog
May 20, 2016
I know its not my business but I'm beyond pissed right now. My acquaintance married a woman with aspergers/high functioning autism who was a special sneuflyake child who is accustomed to getting her way. My aquaintence has PTSD, so got a chihuahua as a therapy dog rescued from our local humane society. Apparently chihuahuas are great for PTSD, now her autard wife (yes both women) is jealous of the attention the dog is getting and they are sending the poor pup back, UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!! Poor dog sad smiley. What kindve spoiled rotten adult child is jealous of an orphaned dog?! I hate sneuflayke autards sometimes. Totally pampered by her parents and this is what results.
I agree that the autistic spouse is being unreasonable, but both women are definitely to blame. Demanding that you give up a service animal-- DEMANDING that you give up ANY animal-- is breakup-worthy imo.
Re: grrrr my aquaintences autard wife is jealous of their new dog
May 31, 2016
This sounds familiar. My narcissistic sister will not allow her partner of the week to have their own kids or pets, they have to give all their attention to her bratty kids and pets. Yes, the pets are spoiled and misbehave because they never have to share the attention. When one of her boyfriends was too attentive to his own child she told him to choose and of course he chose his kid. She was shocked and traumatized. That left only CF men and bad fathers to choose from so now she is with a loser who doesn't see his kids. Anyway, jealousy - sometimes there is a fine line between the autistic mind and narcissism. If the autard is spoiled they will not be able to distinguish and will act like a narcissist so I can see this woman being jealous of a Chihuahua and failing to empathize with the partner.
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