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"Michael Jackson Was My Lover"

Posted by Miss_Hannigan 
"Michael Jackson Was My Lover"
June 19, 2016
Excerpts from the book "Michael Jackson was my lover" by Victor Gutierrez. Sick, crazy stuff follows!


I know very well what enemas are. I saw bottles in a pointed shape in the bathroom," said Adrian McManus - personal maid of the singer who was replaced by Blanca Francia, and thus inherited the role of being the only employee who had access to the singer's room. "I was the one who cleaned them. Michael had an enema daily."

Another person who remembered this habit was Orietta Murdock. "Of course he used enemas. I was the one who bought the pressure bottles at the pharmacy when I worked for him. I was embarrassed because I bought them so frequently that I thought the pharmacists looked at me funny. I couldn't tell them hey they're not for me, they're for Michael Jackson. It would have been amusing to see their faces. Michael told me my sister Janet uses them too, because she has a big butt and wants to lose weight. Another way Michael lost weight was to eat steak French fries and hamburgers one day and drink only liquids the next. But I believe the enemas were for sexual pleasure since he was already very thin and didn't need them to lose weight."

Blanca Francia was also a witness to Jackson's enemas. "I saw the boxes from the pharmacy and the bottles with the strange liquids, and I asked Michael what they were. He told me that they were to lose weight.'It doesn't hurt,' Michael explained,'it actually feels good. I'm already used to it. I was surprised you had never known anyone to practice that.' But now I think he did that for pleasure."

Aside from the enemas and they joy they gave the singer, Jackson had another habit that surprised not only Jordie, but also other boys and employees of the singer. Jordie told me he inserted different kinds of feminine products into his behind.

Adrian McManus confirmed this account.

"That is nothing new, everyone at the ranch knew. I threw tampons in the trash after finding them on the floor in his bathroom and near his bed. They were covered with feces and blood. I imagined he used them more often than I did. Blanca Francia also remembers Jackson's tampons.

"I think when one is someone's employee they see many private things but I never thought I would see the thing with the tampons. I can't believe the things I put up with to keep my job.

The male employees who saw the dirty tampons wondered what was wrong with their boss. "I knew people in Hollywood did strange things but never did I expect to see so many strange things in one room", said security guard Ralph Chacon.

The singers continued use of enemas and tampons caused damage to his anus which to this day causes Michael embarrassing moments. "I was talking to Michael about something not very important," remembers Adrian, "when he told me he had to go to the bathroom. He didn't take two steps when he defecated right in front of me. It was a diarrhea that ran down to his shoes. It was a shame. The guards that saw it had to go to another room to get a laugh. Michael slowly hobbled to the bathroom, dirtying the floor along the way. He later bought me his clothes to clean. It made me sick. The other employees were laughing at me and teasing me saying how does it feel to be Michael's personal assistant."

Unfortunately for Jackson, it wasn't the last time according to Kasim Abdul. "The poor guy couldn't make it to the bathroom and it got to the point that he didn't even care. If he had to go he did it right there wherever he was. Poor Adrian was the one who suffered but we helped at times picking up the clothes and cleaning the floor. Michael would put the tampons in his ass to stop the diarrhea. Jackson thought we wouldn't tell anyone because we signed a confidentiality agreement that we wouldn't discuss anything we heard or saw on his ranch."

"[GFG's pregnancy is] kind of like at the stables where that one dumb, ugly-ass mare broke out of her corral one day and got herself screwed by the equally fugly colt that was due to be gelded the same afternoon."- Shiny
Re: "Michael Jackson Was My Lover"
June 19, 2016
Philippe and Stella LeMarque, the couple who took over as the head of the household staff at Neverland for about ten months after the Quindoys’ departure.


The LeMarques had troubling stories to tell, too. They were also quoted talking about all of Jackson’s “special friends”—all boys under the age of thirteen. They were the first to provide disturbing details of the relationship between their employer and the boy actor Macaulay Culkin.

As the LeMarques’ story went, Neverland was like a twenty-four-hour convenience store—it never closed. As the live-in chef and maid, the LeMarques were never really off duty, either.

Philippe said that during one of Macaulay Culkin’s visits, at two o’clock in the morning, Michael Jackson had telephoned him. “Philippe, would you please bring me some french fries?” He scrambled out of bed to fulfill his employer’s wishes. When the fries were ready, Philippe said, he grabbed a two-way radio, called security, and using Jackson’s code name, asked, “Where is Blue Fox?” “They say, ‘Oh, he’s in the arcade.’

"The arcade has two entrances. There’s a main entrance, then there’s the patio overlooking the tennis courts. The French door was open, but I went around to the other entrance and entered through there. That’s when I saw Michael groping the kid. He did not see me, so I stopped and quietly tiptoed back and reentered through the other door.” Macaulay, according to LeMarque, continued to play a pinball or video machine as if nothing was happening."

Stella LeMarque spoke about an Australian boy who was groped by Jackson as his mother was sitting nearby in the Neverland theater. However, she did not reveal the boy’s identity. “In the cinema, he did the same thing. And the mother was two or three rows in the front. They were like lovers. That’s not normal.”

“The theater is like a regular theater,” Philippe added. “He’s got seventy seats.” “And behind the wall he has two bedrooms,” Stella said. “Sometimes he would be [in] there with the kids. I wanted to take a picture of the bedrooms, but I couldn’t.”

“[In those rooms] he could watch porn movies [with the kids]. From seven o’clock at night until eight the next morning, nine in the morning, they are still up playing around,” Philippe said.

The LeMarques also spoke of watching another boy become too mature for Jackson and being literally banished from the ranch (James Safechuck).

And a mother from Switzerland whom they said they once found crying. She reportedly asked Stella, “Why does Michael always want to be with my son to sleep? Why is it I have four other children and why doesn’t he want to spend time with them if he loves all children?”

"[GFG's pregnancy is] kind of like at the stables where that one dumb, ugly-ass mare broke out of her corral one day and got herself screwed by the equally fugly colt that was due to be gelded the same afternoon."- Shiny
Re: "Michael Jackson Was My Lover"
June 24, 2016
Wasn't he a pedophile? Or maybe that was just untrue rumors.
Re: "Michael Jackson Was My Lover"
June 27, 2016
The other day I was in a store that played a Michael Jackson song. All I could think of was his butt issues.grinning smiley
Re: "Michael Jackson Was My Lover"
June 27, 2016

Jackson thought we wouldn't tell anyone because we signed a confidentiality agreement that we wouldn't discuss anything we heard or saw on his ranch.

Something tells me that other notable folks will have their lawyers take a closer look at employee disclosure agreements to make sure gags stay on even after death, if possible.

Sick and not surprising. I wondered how long it would be before people who worked closely to Jackson would start opening up. Him having personal shit scrapers hits the bottom of the barrel. That loss of dignity is something I'd expect from an elderly person, not someone middle age.

ETA: I checked the author of the book. Controversy is a word that doesn't even scratch the surface of this guy. His checkered history of being loathed by Jackson fans and used as a "creditable" source by journalists make the background of the guy as wild as the stuff he wrote.
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