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Sniper Micah Johnson - Dallas Massacres

Posted by freya 
Sniper Micah Johnson - Dallas Massacres
July 15, 2016
I'm not giving him excuses or a pass for killing police officers at all.
But it sounds as if the guy was dealt a really bad hand (kicked out of the military for stealing a very close female friend's underwear).
I think the woman who turned him in is full of shit. His mother claims his friend was having a relationship with someone of a higher rank which her son knew about and that actually makes sense.

Makes me wonder if he had been treated fairly, would he have committed the crimes? Like I said, being treated badly isn't an excuse but it does sound as if he was thrown under a bus, humiliated and potentially had his career ended for something petty. From his young viewpoint, maybe he felt like he didn't have anything to lose at that point.

On a separate note, a friend of mine was pushed out of a helicopter at 1000 feet once they found out he was gay. From what I understand, none of the folks responsible were punished. But if you dare to steal underwear....
Re: Sniper Micah Johnson - Dallas Massacres
July 15, 2016
I dunno. A lot of people have had some really bad shit go down in their lives, and they don't turn into snipers and kill innocent people. I don't care what his reasons were. I feel bad for the officers who lost their lives, or who are still fighting for their lives in the hospital. Those are the ones who get my compassion, not the sniper.
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