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McMansion Hell

Posted by Dorisan 
McMansion Hell
September 03, 2016
Awesome site. The site creator has a PhD in Snark, a keen eye for atrocious detail, and the guts to lambast the pride people take in the monstrosity of McMansions


ETA: the site navigation could use some tweaking, but having worked out how to move around, I've been sitting here cackling. What do the non-USA folks think of these horrors? It's embarrassing to be an American.

Re: McMansion Hell
September 05, 2016
McMansions give new meaning to the phrase "Ugly Houses."

Where I grew up, builders and individuals have purchased homes for sale, because lots of homes were built after WW2, and have normal homes on large lots. The older house is torn down, and a giant McMansion is put up. In one instance, somebody (an outsider) purchased a house built around 1720, on its original lot of several acres (small farm), tore the house down, built up a massive McMansion of Las Vegas size, then immediately flipped it.

These are homes for the nouveau-riche, or Trumps. Both have no class and bad taste.
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