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restaurant requires doctors note for gluten free and a corkage fee for beefing moos!spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

Posted by jmc 
white moose cafe

This place is the best!! Read all the butthurt comments from people who are "gluten intolerant " but just can't get a doctors note! So funny

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- The wisdom of the late Michael Jackson
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Here is a link that is direct to the subject post:


Other than that, there are posts that came after it, so the original is sort of hidden.
What's funny is all the people he's trolling immediately took offense, yet if you read it critically anyine should be albe to tell his tongue is firmly in his cheek.

I mean the last line is a dead give away:
P.S. You're all welcome to call into our café the next time you're here in New Zealand.

The place is in Ireland.

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