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I think I have impetigo wide-eyed surprise

Posted by the noodler 
I think I have impetigo wide-eyed surprise
December 09, 2016
I thought we had a health forum so I'll just put this here.
This will probably be a long post.

For the past, oh, 5 months, I've been getting strange breakouts on my face near my lip or chin. Almost always the same spot. Its not a cold sore as I know what they are like (tip to those with a cold sore also known as the herpes simplex virus which many people have..don't dicker in the pharmacy trying to find the cheapest product, just pony up the 20 bucks or so for the teeny tube of Abreva and be done with it). The first breakout lasted a while but did eventually heal. So I had about a month of clear skin. Yippee.

I figured it was just hormonal as I have had pimples erupt overnight around that time of the month, but nothing that hung around like this. I've been under some stress the last six months and yes, I should probably eat better.

It started as a pimple but just got larger. It seems like I get the area clean removing all the dead skin with a hot washcloth and soap leaving the area raw and open. Then it just scabs up again. Its size is smaller than a dime. It is not on my lip but sorta near it.

But I also have this odd thing on the back of my neck, left side, in the hairline. It started off as a small pimple like thing about 2 months ago which I attributed to either an ingrown hair or just an odd pimple in a weird place. My glands are also sore on that side. I thought it would just scab up and fall off but it just....persists! I've tried hydrogen peroxide, alcohol swabs, zit creme, antibacterial/antifungal soap if it was maybe a fungal thing, and nothing works. It dries to a scab but it just doesn't fall off. It hurts. I try to keep my hair trimmed around it. It also hurts when I bend my neck a certain way as it stretches right where the thing is. Its not round but more of an oval shape from what DH can see. I will admit I've picked at it and can't really even get a grip on it to pull off the scab when its super dry feeling.

It just hit me. Impetigo. Had it as a kid once but never severe. At least I think it was impetigo. That's how my mom treated it.

Well I but the bullet and googled it. It looks a lot like what I have. Several sites also mentioned the simultaneous neck one that can happen, along with swollen glands. I live in a building with college kids that are either nursing or education majors along with their friends although the last few semesters have had less college kids than usual. God knows what's on the banister which I do use as we're on the third floor.

Right now I washed it with hot water then dabbed some Neosporin on it. I also put a band aid on it to keep it from touching the pillow and rubbing off when I go to bed. This is the first time I'm trying this method.

I plan to call my doctor tomorrow but I don't think she has Friday hours. Hopefully she can call in a prescription for me like an oral antibiotic and/or cream until I can get in for her to look at it and probably take a culture for lab testing.

And today my staffing agency called with a job opportunity that I will need to interview for. I have been out of a job job for over two months, so I'm a little depressed and stressed over that. I don't want to have this thing on my face when I interview, maybe on monday, but maybe today. Cover up hides it but I don't want to put anything on it if I can avoid it. I plan on throwing out a good deal of my makeup as well and washing all towels and bedding in hot water. DH tends to roll over to my pillow as he goes to bed earlier than I, but he has not contracted anything himself.

Dh is type2 diabetic so he checked my blood sugar with his meter. Its fine. I do have a propensity to eat sweets and starchy foods. I am of normal body weight also, 5' 1" 118 lbs, at 45 years old. Those three flights of steps up to our place are a workout in themselves I guess.

Just thought someone would see this and have an idea in case I can't reach my doctor tomorrow.

I'm also premenstrual. I'm about 4 days away with all the usual symptoms like lower back pain, moodiness, carb cravings and sore breasts. This is normal for me for the past five years or so. Pms is real for me. Used to just get the cramps and bloating. Okay this might have gotten a little TMI. Sorry but I want to paint the whole picture.

I'm going to bed now with a band aid on it that seems to be staying put.

Any advice is appreciated.
Re: I think I have impetigo wide-eyed surprise
December 09, 2016
So many things it can be...best to see a doctor if you've had it a while and it's not getting better. (Non-medical opinion)
Re: I think I have impetigo wide-eyed surprise
December 09, 2016
Try Evening Primrose Oil. I used to get a big boil on my face right before my period, but haven't since I started taking this. It can cause weight gain so I take a 500mg pill every 2-3 days. It's also helped with my PMS moody bitch-itis. I buy Nature's Way brand from Amazon. (I am in my early 50s)
Re: I think I have impetigo wide-eyed surprise
December 09, 2016
Doctor not in. Will call again on Monday. The band aid stayed on all night. It rescabbed. Time to buy new makeup. Will try the primrose oil. Now to get the laundry done. Thanks for the suggestions.
Re: I think I have impetigo wide-eyed surprise
December 11, 2016
Well I did two nights of Neosporin and a band aid and it is much better today. Had to wear makeup for an event but was careful not to use anything contaminated. The thing on my neck is more stubborn as it is in the hairline. I need to get bloodwork done anyway so lets see how that goes. I think its just a stubborn breakout.
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