Sneauxflaques at work
March 11, 2017
I recently got a new job that I LOVE smiling smiley. I finished some courses for medical coding and got a job in medical records. Coding would be a higher paycheck, but MR gets me some exposure and experience, plus I'm working at a major hospital, so I can gain a good reputation and hopefully work my way up. Basically I read through medical records all day and make sure the Dr.s have access to all pertinent information. It's a great job for my introversion.

The problem is, it's considered entry-level and I work with some very young people. They're annoying as hell, always yapping about youtube videos and shit they saw on Facebook. Given that the majority of our job is reading through records and concentrating, I find the idiotic chitchat distracting. But I'm the new person, and I've been penalized in jobs before for being "too quiet", so I don't want to approach the manager (honestly, she seems a little dumb herself and joins in on the teeny-bopper b.s. too).

I sit right next to a 19-year-old (J) whose girlfriend just had a baby. We are split into two person teams, and the poor person he works with is constantly overloaded and harried trying to get stuff done, while he plays on his phone all day. Our manager has talked to him about being on his phone all day, but never actually does anything about it. The manager loves J because he's always schmoozing with her and has his girlfriend bring in the baby for the manager to play with. J likes to loudly discuss sports all day when he's not playing on his phone and ignoring his work.

The other snowflake is a twenty-something girl whose constantly complaining about how tired she is because she was out all night drinking. She will take a call, hang up and loudly announce to the entire department that the caller was fucking stupid. I can tell she's a nasty piece of work and I don't want to get on her bad side because *drama*. She works there because the manager is friends with her mom. Yesterday she mentioned to the manager that it would be nice if we had a radio in the office. I HAD to speak up against that - I need LESS fucking noise in the office, and I will shoot myself in the face of I have to listen to pop music all day. Bitch-face McPartypants can use headphones like everyone else.

I'm investing in some noise cancelling headphones. Hopefully I won't be dinged in my performance for trying to dampen this shit out and for not being social enough.
Re: Sneauxflaques at work
March 16, 2017
This is my nightmare fuel when it comes to the lab. Fall classes are available, and class sizes are small for my major. If the lab sucks too much, then long distance trucking here I come.

All I can say is that I'm a middle-aged person trapped in a young body born in the wrong country.

I wonder if they can accommodate my autism-related noise sensitivity and schizoid er I mean "social anxiety". Thanks to liberals turned bad, everything is a disability now.
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